Introducing the 2013 Panasonic VIERA’s TV Range

Panasonic has launched its 2013 range of Plasma and LED LCD Smart VIERA TVs that continue the tradition of outstanding picture quality and represents the ultimate in advanced design. What is particularly remarkable about these groundbreaking, game-changing TVs is the easy interactive operation, enhanced connectivity and innovative personalisation

Smart life, Smart VIERA

The new range of Panasonic Smart VIERA TVs present an incredible array of operational innovations. My Home Screen is a personalised menu that manages your favourite media and organises your content and services in the most convenient order. These Smart VIERA TVs can also recognise your face and display the home screen dedicated to you personally, or anyone else in your household, with the in-built camera available on the VT60 series.

Smart VIERA’s Voice Interaction function lets you search the web with verbal prompts, as well as accessing an external HDD or a USB memory stick all at the same time. Voice Guidance reads out the text on web pages and various TV settings, an especially helpful feature for people with impaired vision.

Swipe and Share 2.0 allows you to swipe a photo or video on your smartphone or tablet with single finger for instant display on your TV. Use two fingers to save content directly to an external HDD or USB memory stick. You can even swipe and share content on your TV back to your iOS and Android™ devices anywhere in your home.

2013 VIERA Plasma evolution

The 2013 Smart VIERA Plasma TV range comprises a line-up of six new models with the VIERA VT60, ST60 and S60 including five Full-HD 3D models and one Full-HD 2D model, ranging in size from 65 inches down to 50 inches. The VT60 and ST60 feature VIERA Connect, Panasonic’s cloud-based internet TV architecture. This year’s VIERA Plasma range adopts a clean design with the VT series highlighted by a stunning single sheet of glass.

The new plasma range has achieved optimal picture quality by allowing for a smoother, highly nuanced, gradation. The VT series has further expanded the colour gamut, and achieves the ultimate in Infinite Black on both the VT and ST series.

2013 VIERA LED LCD evolution

The stylish new Smart VIERA LED LCD TVs range from 60 inches down to 24 inches and include the VIERA WT60, DT60, and ET60 passive HD 3D Series; the E6, EV6, EM6, B6 Full HD 2D Series, available in 50 inch, 39 inch and 32 inch, B6, XV6 and XM6 HD Series. The WT60, DT60, ET60 and E6 feature VIERA Connect while 11 out of the 19 new models feature IPS LED LCD Panel (In Plane Switching) technology. The WT60 Series achieves a minimalist design with a clear pedestal with an elegant metal bezel.

The 2013 line-up represents the latest engineering technologies, such as the IPS Panel that delivers a wide viewing angle with almost no picture degradation. Backlight scanning technology and improved contrast ratio with finer local dimming control contribute to crisp and superior picture quality with improved colour accuracy. The WT60 and DT60 Series features Backlight Scanning Technology which reduces motion blur and loss of detail in fast-moving images, along with 1080p resolution and dot noise reduction.

Click here to see the new 2013 VIERA range.

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  • Why is the ZT60 not being released here? Well, guess I’m going go to buy a 2012 plasma

  • Nice !

    Who is stocking the ST60 Plasmas ?

    When can we expect the 65″ST50 to come
    down in price ?

  • I am considering purchasing Panasonic Smart TV VT65. Before I invest the kinda money being ask for by dealers I heard that Panasonic is getting out of the TV business. If that is true I have to look elsewhere

  • Hi Danny, whilst we have no current plans to release the ZT60 locally the Smart VIERA 2013 TV range defines the very best in outstanding picture quality and TV technology to personalise your experience and share content around the home. Viewers can now choose how they create, share and enjoy content like never before. We continue to listen to our customers and retailers feedback and should the situation change with the ZT60 range we will let you know. Cheers.

  • Currently looking at the vt series since I have heard that the zt series will not be released in Australia. Just wondering a few things.
    Where can I purchase the vt plasma as everywhere I have called say they have no stock as they have been discontinued. (Why have they if there is no new model superseding it?)

    Is the vt series the latest plasma to be released ?

    Am I able to order the vt series anywhere?

  • Hi Frank, the new VT60 series in a 65” and 55” size profile will be available in store from June 2013. This replaces the older VT50 Series. Stock will be available from all major retailers. Cheers.

  • Hi Brent, the reports you have heard are not something that has been announced by Panasonic and at this time we have no further updates. We recently launched our new 2013 Smart VIERA TV Plasma range that continues Panasonic’s proud history. Our new Smart VIERA will again define the very best in outstanding picture quality, allowing you to personalise your entertainment experience. Cheers.

  • Is there any chance the ZT 65″ will be released in Australia in 2013, and if so what the pricing will be?


  • Hi David, whilst we have no current plans to release the ZT60 locally the Smart VIERA 2013 TV range defines the very best in outstanding picture quality and TV technology to personalise your experience and share content around the home. You can now choose how you create, share and enjoy content like never before. We continue to listen to our customers and retailers feedback and should the situation change with the ZT60 series range we will let you know. Cheers.

  • Hi. Wlll P’sonic be releasing a 42″ plasma model as part of the new 2013 range, as it seems this size is available in the US? Also when will P’sonic publish tech specs on website for the new LCD and plasma range? Thx

  • Hi Michael, our size profile for the new 2013 VIERA Plasma range is 50” to 65”, whilst our LED LCD models including the TH-L42ET60A and TH-L42E6A come in the 42” range. Both models come with VIERA Connect, smartphone control and web browser functionality. We will have further information regarding specifications of our new 2013 VIERA range over the coming weeks. Cheers

  • Do u have pricing for the vt60 55. I’m prepared to wit until June before purchasing. Do the 2013 models have any issues with burn in or buzzing

  • Hi, I am currently in the process of returning a Samsung LED in favour of a Panasonic. Which month do you expect the new ST60 series to be available to retailers such as JB Hifi.

    Also, what model is the best Plasma before the ST60 release, in case I need to purchase in he next 2-3 weeks.

    Cheers, Robert

  • Hi Robert, the 65ST will be available June and the 60ST & 50ST will be available May. The TH-P60S60A is our entry model plasma however this is available in June. Your best option is to await either the 60 or 50 ST series, hope this helps. Thanks!

  • Hi Jenny, the 50” VT60 will not be available in Australia however 55” & 65” VT60 will be available mid June. The GT Series Plasma will not be available in Australia. Thanks

  • I would just like to provide some feedback: It does not make sense that australian’s are deprived from top of the range technology (zt range). I would strongly suggest that this criticism is passed onto senior management.

  • Hi Tony, thank you for your feedback re ZT60 series. This product is not being developed for the Asia / Pacific region including Australia. The VT60 series which offers many of the ZT60 series improvements including the newly designed red phosphor and core panel technology, in this case “NeoPlasma Black 3000” panel technology. We believe the VT60 series TV will be one the best available TVs in Australia this year. We do appreciate your feedback and will pass this comment to our global team. Cheers.

  • Please can you provide the dimensions of the new plasma VT series 55inch model. I am particularly after the width for a custom installation coming up soon.

  • Hi Nev, dimensions are as follows:
    Dimensions (W x H x D) (Without stand) 1,318 x 767 x 51 mm
    Dimensions (W x H x D) (With stand) 1,318 x 855 x 296 mm

  • Panasonic produce great plasma TVs, its a pity the range offered in Austrlia is so limited.

  • When Jenny asked about the GT Series Panasonic said “GT Series plasma will not be available in Australia”. Clearly a definitive No.

    When I asked about the ZT60 earlier Panasonic said “we have no current plans”. Appears to leave the door open as this is neither a No nor a Yes. Does this mean the ZT60 series is still a possibility or am I reading too much into this?

  • Hi David, The ZT60 Series is not being developed for the Asia / Pacific region including Australia. The VT60 series which offers many of the ZT60 series improvements including the newly designed red phosphor and core panel technology, in this case “NeoPlasma Black 3000” panel technology. We believe the VT60 series TV will be one the best available TVs in Australia this year. Thanks

  • Hi, Sorry for being pedantic, but you don’t appear to be saying Yes or No.

    When you say the “ZT60 series is not being developed for Australia” does that mean it will not be available in Australia, like the GT Series will not be available?

    I really want the best plasma technology (I am replacing a 5 year old Pioneer Kuro), and everything says the ZT60 series is it.

    I don’t want to buy a VT60 only to find Panasonic releases a ZT60 a few months later.

  • Hi David, no the ZT60 Series will not be available for the Australian market. Thanks

  • That really is a shame about the ZT60. I would have bought two straight away if it was coming. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see how the new Samsung plasmas stack up against the lesser VT60.

  • Hi There,

    I am looking for 47″ LED LCD smart TV.
    I would like to attach external Hard Drive to watch movies and also would like to save programs by sating time.

    It must have Passive 3D, and capable to separate players while playing 3D games.

    Automatic 3D recognition compatible.

    Please, guide me to choose TV from the range of Panasonic.


    Alkesh Suthar

  • Hi Alkesh,
    Currently we have available the TH-L47ET5A in the market which is a Full HD Passive 3D LED LCD.
    The panel is compatible with external hard drives to watch movies and also allows the user to save free to air content including programing from EPG.
    We do not support the capability of 3D games via separate players.
    The panel is available from JB Hi Fi, however please there may be limited stock.
    Hope this helps 🙂

  • hi, I am really interested in your E6 series. I am just curious does the front part to the model name (TH- vs TX-) means any difference between the models. I live in Canberra, it seems my buying options are some what limited too 🙁

  • Hi,
    Very, very disappointed you guys aren’t releasing this in Australia, how come Panasonic treat the Australian consumer like second class consumers, why do we have to accept “the best in Australia”, the best globally is what I’m after.

    There is a big differece between the Vt60 and Zt60, 2 seconds on google reveal that. “no panel gap’ which is a huge difference for black levels.

    I have a 5 year old Pioneer Kuro KRP-500m, and i was hoping to upgrade to the ZT.

    I will try and import ZT60 from Europe or the US if possible, if not than sticking with the Kuro until the Samsung or LG OLEDS arrive.

  • Regarding the Panasonic ZT60 is there a chance of bringing in a Professional monitor only version then since a standard one is apparently not being made for the Asia/Pacific market?

    Dissapointing as the UK get this set and according to reviews it surpasses the Kuro finally.

    Can Panasonic Australia pressure Japan into making one for our small market since the demand is obviously there.

  • Hi, I have been trying to source a TH-P50ST50 in Melbourne or online over the last month without success, it appears they have all been sold. So I then turn to this years models- from doing some research I have heard that the replacement model of the ST50s – the ST60s doesn’t really have noticeable improvement in picture quality over the 2012 ST50 – is that considered true? (I am not interested in all the apps & have little interest in the ‘smart tv’ features- I am interested solely in picture quality, including lack of blur in fast moving images etc.)
    If the ST60s don’t have noticeable improvement in PQ over the ST50s; does the VTs have a noticeable better difference in PQ? Once again I am not really interested in all the ‘extra’s’ – just PQ……) I am interested in 50inch (or the smallest size available)- am I correct that in the VT range (for Australia) that will be 55inch?

    Many thanks for any replies,

  • Hi there.
    Thank you for your question regarding the ZT60 series. This product is not being developed for the Asia / Pacific region including Australia. The VT60 series which offers many of the ZT60 series improvements including the newly designed red phosphor and core panel technology, in this case “NeoPlasma Black 3000” panel technology. We believe the VT60 series TV will be one the best available TVs in Australia this year. In regards to importing the ZT60 we would not recommend this as each model is customised to the country it is being sold in and cannot be modified to receive services from another country.

  • Hi Peter, unfortunately neither a professional monitor version or standard version of the ZT60 series is being developed for the Asia / Pacific region. The VT series does offer many of the ZT60 improvements including designed red phosphor and core panel technology, in this case “NeoPlasma Black 3000” panel technology. We believe the VT60 series TV will be one the best available TVs in Australia this year.

  • Hi Paul, while there are differences between the ST50 and the ST60 if your main concern is over picture quality we would recommend the VT series. The VT series offers Full-HD 3D NeoPlasma with industry-leading picture quality. The VT will be available in the 55 and 65 inch sizes.

  • Hi Preet, please advise the model number and how you are measuring the TV. Thanks

  • Hi, I’m currently looking to replace my 5 years old Samsung LCD television. I’ve done a lot of research over the past couple of months and found the ST60 is the best option. Having said that you’ve mentioned in your earlier posts that there will be another model the 65ST available June could you list the features and the available sizes for that model. Also, why isn’t Panasonic releasing the VT in 50′ I would have buy that in an instant.

  • I have been considering upgrading my 11 year old plasma to a Panasonic for some time now. During my research into models I noticed that the range available in Britain and America is far broader than here in Australia. Why is this the case? I am particularly interested in the p50gt60 which is available in both Britain and America but not here. Are there any plans to introduce this model here in Australia?

  • UK consumers have the choice of 3 50 inch plasma models (ST,GT VT). In Australia panasonic only offer the ST series.
    Why the lack of choice in Australia?

  • Thanks for this blog

    When will the new 50″ st plasma be available?

    I cannot find an old model or the new model in a retail store anywhere?

  • I have a Pioneer Kuro. I had every intention of getting the ZT60 until I read just now it’s not coming to Australia. I have no intention of paying what will likely be more than the USA ZT60 price for the second best VT60 here.

    I’m not a fan of samsung, their historic product quality or their business ethics. But I like the look and price of their new F8500. I would and have always paid extra for top of the range. I would happily do this for the ZT60, but no way I’m doing it for a VT series unit that in some way bests, in some ways doesn’t, but on balance by all accounts is similar to the competing samsung. I am inclined, based on this short sighted decision by Panasonic to deny us the last available flagship plasma, to drop my loyalty to Panasonic, a brand I want to see succeed well into the future and instead settle for the Samsung purely on principal.

    This is really extremely disappointing. Is it really worth damaging your brand loyalty for the sake of a few specialised imports? There is an intangible benefit to bringing in a statement piece like the ZT60. It is a hero product whether you’re in the market for a ZT or not. I find it strange that the executives at Panasonic Australia don’t seem to understand this basic fact. Unfortunately the flow on effect for this will likely be diminished sales and this will no doubt mistakenly be chalked up to a lack of interest in plasma panels in Australia, rather than the possible reality that they have dulled our enthusiasm with a short sighted marketing choice, and what appears to be an increasingly poor distribution model. It was tough to even find a VT50 on display at many stores in my area in the last 12 months.

    Premium plasma buyers are generally well researched and discerning enthusiasts. These are the exact same audience that will go elsewhere as a result of decisions like this.

  • Hi John, the 50 inch is currently in some stores, with more stock to come in this month. Do you have an order in with your local retailer? They can contact us to see when their order will be fulfilled. Thanks

  • Hey, just a question, will the st60 series be thx 3d certified or does that only apply to the vt series.

  • Thank you for your enquiry regarding the ZT60 series we appreciate your feedback in relation to this product. This product is not being developed for the Asia / Pacific region including Australia. The VT60 series which offers many of the ZT60 series improvements including the newly designed red phosphor and core panel technology, in this case “NeoPlasma Black 3000” panel technology. We believe the VT60 series TV will be one the best available TVs in Australia this year. Thanks

  • Hi, Are the VT models likely to be available from the 1st June or is the June availability just a guideline? Thanks

  • Hi Bob, the 55 and the 65 VT models will be available in stores by mid June. We recommend contacting your local retailer to confirm they have ordered stock or alternatively ask them to place an order for you. Cheers

  • Hi guys, just wanted to know if it is possible to purchase additional warranty directly from Panasonic or does it go through the retailer.

  • Hi Naveen, thank you for you enquiry in relation to extended warranty. Panasonic no longer sells extended warranty. It is available to purchase from most retailers. Thanks

  • Hi , l’m looking at upgrading my Panasonic Viera TX32LXD700a to a 50-55in model, either Led or Plasma.The TV would need to have :Full 1080p HD,3D. It would be mainly used for Fast moving sports programs, sci-fi ,and action movies. What “type” models of Panasonic TVs would be a good starting point to look at. Thanks

  • Hi,

    Interested in purchasing the 50 ST 60 which looks like a great TV. As it does not have a THX mode, I would like to calibrate it.I have seen a few recommended calibration settings from forums in the USA and the UK. As these recommended settings differ, I conclude that the ST60 TV differs between regions. Do you know which one out of the USA or European recommended calibration settings would be relevant to our region or would neither be appropriate?

  • Hi Gregg,
    It will be a personal preference between LED LCD and Plasma, and Panasonic has models in both sizes in both of these products in the 50 and 55 inch sizes. To see the differences first hand we would recommend contacting your nearest retailer to see the products. For fast moving images and action movies we would suggest plasma is the technology that is equipped with faster refresh rates to handle these viewing conditions. We also have comprehensive information on each product and the full Panasonic range on our website. http://www.panasonic.com.au/Products/VIERA+televisions/Overview

  • Hi,

    I am hoping to purchase a 32″ LED LCD Panasonic TV shortly and would like to buy a Panasonic machine. I’ve bought Panasonic machines in the past and have been very impressed with it’s durability.
    Could you please let me know where I can get a listing of your 2013 offerings?
    Many thanks

  • Hi Mustafa, ET5M is the model number, M stands for the country of sale. Thanks

  • Hello,

    Do you know when the VT 60 series will be available in major retail stores in Sydney.

    Also, from that I have read on various respected Internet sites, there have been some reports of excess fan noise emanating from the 2 cooling fans situated at the rear of the VT60.

    Are you aware of these reports?

    Do you know if this issue has been addressed for the VT60 being released in Asia/Pacific?

    If not, has Panasonic determined a position on the level of fan noise acceptable.

    The last thing I want to do is spend well over $2,500 and find the level of fan noise distracting and unacceptable but find that Panasonic takes a different position and am therefore stuck with a noisy TV-albeit with a beautiful picture.

    I am keen on buying a VT60 series plasma as, from all reports, the picture quality is outstanding.


  • So still no ZT60 despite everyone shouting for it?

    So what does the ZT60 have over the VT60?


  • Hi Agamemnon, VT60 are expected to be in store early July 2013. We are unaware of excessive fan noise. Thanks

  • Hi Tounepi, whilst the ZT60 Series is not available in Australia the VT60 series which offers many of the ZT60 series improvements including the newly designed red phosphor and core panel technology, in this case “NeoPlasma Black 3000” panel technology. We believe the VT60 series TV will be one of the best available TVs in Australia this year.

  • I’m asking about Panasonic zt60 is your flagship plasma tv. Why don’t you carry it in Australia I only see the vt series on your web site

  • I understand that you seem to believe that having ‘many of the zt60 features’ is fine for the australian market, and that the “NeoPlasma Black 3000” will make it one of the best available TVs in Australia this year. All of this is completely true, but the panel that was created for the zt60 range is far superior in every way.

    Clearly there are a lot of consumers who are very disappointed in the decision not to release this model here. Some will inevitably settle for the lesser model, but many will not purchase a Panasonic television, opting either to wait for a better option or worse, purchase a competitor’s product. It seems to me that this standard response on this blog isn’t making us feel any happier about the situation.

    What I want to know is why you don’t release the best TV in the Australian marketplace?

    How many gauranteed sales would make the company reconsider its decision?

    Also, I want to know what exactly you think constitutes product development for a television? This model is being released in markets which use the exact same voltage and exact same picture format. What does Panasonic need to do beyond shipping a bunch of them over here?

    Finally, can you tell me…. Are you a bot? You seem to cut’n’paste the same response to people asking about the zt60, despite making it very clear that they’ve read it already and are asking for further information.


    I will give close consideration to the suggested ST model when it’s released, but I strongly suspect that the best TV picture available in Aus this year won’t be that.

  • Hello! What brand hard drive do you recommend I use for my newly purchased ET60 55″ LED as I want to set it up so that I can play movies and record to the portable HDD?

  • Hi,
    Will there be a 55 inch model of the ST60 available in Australia? I can only find reference to the 50 and 60 inch on line locally, however there are many reviews which talk about the 55.

  • Hi Paul, Due to the ever changing / short product cycle of portable HDD’s, Panasonic no longer lists recommended HDD’s.

    The following are the basic HDD requirements:

    Name Brands: Buffalo, Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba etc

    HDD Size: 160GB – 3TB
    HDD Interface: USB2 or USB3


    1] If external HDD comes with AC/DC plug pack, it must also be used when connecting HDD to TV
    2] TV will format attached USB HDD for its EXCLUSIVE use! Multipurpose mixed mode PC / TV use is NOT possible.
    3] TV format process will also uniquely pair HDD with TV Model number AND Serial number.
    4] Recorded TV programs are content protected. It is not possible to view recorded TV programs on a PC or any other device
    5] To re-use a TV formatted HDD with a PC requires re-formatting by the PC using the drive manufacturers format program
    6] TV programs CANNOT be recorded to USB sticks / thumb drives
    7] Some TV models permit TV recording to an SD card. SD Cards for this purpose must be Class 10 or better.
    SD cards are formatted by the TV for its exclusive use; usage conditions as described above also apply.
    To reclaim SD card for camera use, requires re-formatting by the camera’s built-in format function

  • Hi,
    I really want to buy the ZT series. Local Myer and JB HiFi tells me they would be getting the stock of ZT within days, maximum few weeks. Is it true or are you definitely not selling ZT in Australia?
    I know there are specials on VT everywhere I go and dealers beg for me to buy the VT off them, whilst they await the ZT.

    Can someone from Panasonic please email me about this?


  • Hi George, Thank you for your question regarding the ZT60 series. This product is not being developed for the Asia / Pacific region including Australia. The VT60 series which offers many of the ZT60 series improvements including the newly designed red phosphor and core panel technology, in this case “NeoPlasma Black 3000” panel technology. We believe the VT60 series TV will be one the best available TVs in Australia this year.

  • Hi Nemir, thank you for your comments and we appreciate the enthusiasm for the ZT60 Series, it has indeed exceeded our expectations. Please be aware this series is not being developed for the Asia / Pacific region including Australia. Unfortunately there are no guaranteed sales quantities that will result in this model being made available in our region. The ST60 Series is available in-store now while the 65” VT60 Series is due for shipment to retailers next week. Thanks

  • Hi Bartosz, Thank you for your enquiry re ZT60 series. This product is not being developed for the Asia / Pacific region including Australia. The VT60 series which offers many of the ZT60 series improvements including the newly designed red phosphor and core panel technology, in this case “NeoPlasma Black 3000” panel technology. We believe the VT60 series TV will be one the best available TVs in Australia this year.

  • Hi , is the vt60 the same as vt65 that’s has several reviews in it in the uk?

    Also, can you confirm that the vt60 has only got one digital tuner ?
    (I was under the impression that the vt65 has 2 digital tuners but it looks like the vt 60 has a digital and analogue tuner. )

  • Another vote for bringing the ZT60 here.
    Replies from Panasonic are pretty clear – unlikely to happen.
    I so wish hey would reconsider.

  • Hi I have a TH-L32EM5A Viera television. My USB player only plays Photos and Music. Are there any updates/Upgrades that will allow me to play movie files from a Portable Hard-drive.

  • Why doesnt Panasonic media player show media files in a folder structure!?!? Its a turnoff.

  • Hi,

    Before cutting and padding the standard VT60 has some of the features of the ZT60 etc etc.

    Can you ask your product buyer or marketing if due to the demand they can ask Panasonic Japan to create a version of the ZT60 for the Australia market. It surely can be that hard to modify a UK version one.

    Surely if the product buyer for Panasonic Australia see’s the demand for the ZT60, he can ask Panny Japan to reconsider their stance.

    As another poster said how many guranteed sales does Panasonic Australia need to make this happen to make it viable for both parties?

    Please ask your relevant buyers before posting a response.

  • Hi David, we apologise that the media player doesn’t show folders in a structure.

  • Hi ZT60 Fan, thank you for your comments and we appreciate the enthusiasm for the ZT60 Series, it has indeed exceeded our expectations. Please be aware this series is not being developed for the Asia / Pacific region including Australia and unfortunately there are no guaranteed sales quantities that will result in this model being made available in our region. Thanks

  • Hi, I am after a 55 to 60in plasma 3D smart tv with passive 3D glasses. All seem to have active 3D glasses. Does one exist? thanks

  • Interested in the vt50 range, but no retailers in Melbourne. Is this right or have I missed something?

  • Can you tell me what the difference is between the TH-Ll32B6A and the TH-L32M6A?
    According to the specifications the B6A seems to have a couple of degrees better viewing angle and is a kilo lighter, so why would I want to look at the more expensive M6A? I must be missing something, or is it design aesthetics?

  • Hi David,TH- L39EM6A has a 100hz resolution, compared to the 50Hz of the L32B6A. Price difference is $330. There is no 32” EM6A. Hence the bigger price difference and weight.

  • Hi, Thanks for the reply (July 30 at 5.32 pm). Sorry I made a typo with the model number.
    I was hoping for a comparison of the TH-L32B6A with the TH-L32XM6A which are shown on your website with almost identical specs. Can you explain the differences (apart from the weight)? Is there any difference in the screen/ picture quality?

    Also, I gather there is no Full-HD 32″ model available in the 2013 range (last year I think there was one, TH-L32EM5A) Is that right?

    Thanks again,

  • i bought a 65st60a last week, when i first got it i tested the 3d out. Than i watched a movie in 3d a few nights ago. Now the glasses no longer work.

    any ideas?


  • Hi David, the only difference between the two would be that the TH-L32B6A has a higher specification LED panel that the TH-L32XM6A. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Glenn, have you tested multiple glasses or just one pair? Some areas to consider The TV and 3D Eyewear use the 2.4 GHz radio frequency ISM band (Bluetooth®). To avoid malfunctions or slow response caused by radio wave interference, keep the TV and 3D Eyewear away from the devices such as other wireless LAN devices, other Bluetooth devices, microwaves, mobile phones and the devices that use 2.4 GHz signal. We would also suggest trying to re-register the eyewear to the TV again. Please refer to page 17 of the user manual. If this doesn’t work, please contact our customer service team on 132600.

  • Have you guys at Panasonic done any input lag tests with Game mode “on”?.
    If so could you list them on the website?

  • Hi Ax, could you please contact us on 132 600. We need to discuss which product you are enquiring about. Thanks

  • Hi, aside from voltage, is there any difference in hardware specs between the ST60 series in the U.S. & Australia?

  • Hi Demian, there are differences in the tuners in the Australian and US models. The USA uses ATSC while Australia uses DVB-T. Either product is not able to be modified for the alternate market. You will also find some other minor differences.

  • Hi Panasonic, This week I bought an P50ST60. It has an awesome image quality and the color range is excellent. However I noted a heavy input lag.

    Just yesterday I updated the TV software but the input lag remains.

    I tested my TV by connecting a computer using a high speed HDMI cable and using game mode ON.

    Still the lag is persistent. I am a little dissaponted as I know there is a S60 model which is cheaper and has a very small lag.

    Im surprised that a higher equipment in their family offer worse performance.
    Does Panasonic looking into this?

  • Sorry, forgot to mention that I tested my P50ST60 with 2 sources using high speed HDMI cable:

    1) Apple Retina 15″ 2013, using 1080p Resolution
    2) Apple TV, playing 1080p content.

    Is there any plans/ will it be feasible to reduce the input lag by a software update?

  • Thank you for your enquiry Carlos. The input characteristics is just one of many elements that contribute to picture quality. The chipset processing included in ST60 series along with the panel type will result in an overall better picture, albeit with higher input response time. As a result of the above the ST60 series is working as designed and therefore there are no current plans to adjust the input response time with this TV.

  • Hi, the media player in the ST 60A neoplasmas is extremely basic, is ther any aftermarket alternative music players i can use to play music from my hdd?

  • Considering the 47″ WT60 particularly for the ability to select Home Screen by the camera. What is the practical range of the camera. We normally sit 5 metres from the screen.

  • Any chance of the 65inch zt60 being released in Australia, I note the last person to ask this was back in March 2013, have Panasonic Aus had any change of mind since then?

  • Hi TJ, 5 meters could be a little too far for the camera to properly have face recognition. We would suggest around 3 meters would produce more accuracy.

  • “As a result of the above the ST60 series is working as designed and therefore there are no current plans to adjust the input response time with this TV”

    Well that is really disappointing. I had to return my Panasonic and bought a Samsung Plasma that offer almost no input lag in almost the same price range with the same picture quality.

  • Yeah, I agree that it’s a turn-off. It’s really nuts the way it displays files, doesn’t even organise them alphabetically. It doesn’t seem like such a huge deal at first (although certain an eyebrow raiser, you wonder where the sense in it is) but after four or five months of the TV I’ve started to look into getting a proper media player solely just to have something that shows files correctly. As it is now, it feels like searching for a strip of paper in a bag full of strips of paper.

  • So I can get in early here. Australia missed out on the ZT series which was a major loss IMO for the best plasma apparently on the market.

    Panasonic at CES 2013 has demonstrated a prototype 56″ 4k OLED set all in 1. Rumour is we may see a 1st quarter launch next year.

    Please make sure that Australia doesn’t miss out this time as I’m bypassing 4k only sets and OLED only sets until the come in 1 package and therefore 1 premium to pay. Also tell Japan that we would prefer a flat screen and not a curved one. Especially for mounting on a wall.

  • It is disappointing given your stance on the ST60 input delay that you will not offer the GT60 in Australia, which would be best of both worlds.

  • Hi there, Thank you for your enquiry, we continue to listen to our customers and retailers feedback in order to offer the very best in TV experience. Your enquiry is noted and we appreciate your feedback. Thanks

  • Hi Domenic, Both models will offer outstanding fast moving picture performance. The TH-L65WT600A represents the next generation of TV display – Ultra HD TV. With two new important inputs this TV offers future proof connectivity. HDMI 2.0 and Displayport 1.2a offer Ultra HD TV resolution at up to 50 and 60 frames per second.

  • i bought new L39EV6D panasonic tv but i tried to access swipe and share but the rep said that i should install wifi router seperately to this model tv. is this correct? how does it work without install wifi router?

  • Hi Kumaran, you will need to set up your TV with your home Wi-Fi or a LAN connection. You can do this by running the Easy Network Setup or call 132600 and they can talk you through it!

  • How long the panasonic will support the plasma technology since the plasma production is going to be stopped

    A. Selvaraj

  • Why do Panasonic sell their old range TVs as latest technology in Australia? The models are a year behind the rest of the civilised world? The three units that have won 2013 awards in UK are not yet introduced in Aus and we arenearly into 2014. Is Australia a dumping ground for model run out stock??

  • Hello

    I bought a TH-P50GT60 just last week in Japan and was wondering if this is in fact not the GT60 that UK got, but actually the ST60? Kinda confusing and a bit disappointing.


  • Hi Ken, Panasonic releases TV’s across the world each year and the models are similar. Not all countries release every model. Which particular models are you referring to and we can advise you which model we have that has similar features. Model naming conventions are also different in each country to easily identify them in the local market.

  • Hi Tobias, it would be best to contact Panasonic Japan directly to compare the functions and features of the unit you have purchased. Unfortunately we are unable to comment on the features on models for other countries as they will vary from Australian models.

  • Hi PanasonicAU.

    Do you have plans to release LED/LCD 65 or 70 inch with passive 3D?

    The LED/LCD range what you got are small size (max 60) and wondering why panasonic cant release 65 yo 70 inch normal LED/LCD

    pls let me know

  • what is the difference between panasonic

    besides are they HD LED or HD LCD tvs???


  • Hi, I hvae the GT55 panasonic viera. I am having trouble connecting videos via usb or dlna. There seems to be lots of challenges playing many formats, whether it be mp4,mpg, m4v and also challenges with DTS sound. Do you have any advice?

    Thank you

  • I recently purchased a Panasonic TH-50ST60A

    I am distressed to find that it doesn’t seem to have a simple thing such as a headphone jack

    I really hope that I am missing something … maybe I just cant see it?

    can you please advise how I can connect a set of wireless headphones to this TV so that we can listen to the TV without disturbing other people in the room

    and if it doesn’t have one, can I recommend that you sack the overpaid executive that made the idiotic decision to not include a simple headphone connection on a $2000 TV

    I find it astonishing that the TV has a billion fancy features that I will most probably never use, but doesn’t have a simple basic thing such as a jack to allow me to connect a common set of earphones..

    please tell me I am wrong and I can use headphones with this tv

  • Hi Todd, please refer to pages 90-93 of your user manual for information on file types. If you require further assistance, please contact our customer service team on 132600.

  • Hi John, spec wise they are essentially the same; TH-L32B6A is current model that superseded the TH-L32X50A which was last year’s model.

  • Hi Rod, we will send you an email with details on how you can use headphones. We apologise that your product does not have a headphone jack.

  • Hi,
    I have a THL42ET60 and would like to connect an external hard drive to it. Which drives will work with this tv?

  • Hi,
    Having trouble getting the wifi to connect on my new TH-L50E6A – tried everything and we keep getting ip address not issued. However when looking at status it says connected.
    Any tips would be a great help.
    About to reset modem etc and retry all the settings all over again. 🙁

  • I recently bought a 50″ ST60 and testing the USB ports. I connected my portable external HDD and it gave me a message “USB overload turn off/on tv”. My HDD have photos, movies, and home videos. I connected a seagate backup plus and a western digital my passport. Both had the same result. I connected a USB stick and was able to view my photos.

    Why is the Tv giving the overload message? What does it mean? I would be very disappointed if it can’t run these regular and common portable HDD.

  • Hi Karla,
    Two things to try:
    1. Initiating shipping reset and starting the Set-Up process from scratch.
    2. Manually setting up the Internet Connection instead of using the quick start set up. If you would like help with this please call our customer service team on 132600 and they can talk you through it!

  • Annoying and disappointing that our Panasonic TV does not support expensive Sennheiser wireless headphones. Connecting through the headphone socket does not activate the headphones.

  • Hi Joe, could you please confirm which model of TV you have so we can provide you with further information.

  • I just brought a Panasonic viera and I have external usb’s with stored movies and having trouble watching them…please tell me I didn’t pay all this money for a ‘smart’ TV and it can’t play my stored movies???!!

  • Hi Erin, it is difficult to say what your product is and isn’t capable of playing, we would need the model number to assist further. There is also information about file types and playback either in the manual or via e-Help.

  • Wiil the TX-L42DT65B 42″ Smart VIERA that was released in Uk last april be released in australia
    and if so when and approximate list price ?

  • We too are having troubles connecting our sennheiser wireless head phones to our new smart tv – Panasonic TH L50DT60A. Any suggestions?

  • So impressed with the WT series 55inch i bought a year ago, I recently purchased a DT series 60inch last month to replace another TV.

    After installation I noticed that there is no headphone jack (or audio out – apart from optical) on the new TV – really frustrating as I use wireless headphones regularly in the room it’s in…

    Earlier in this blog I saw some others had the same concerns – could you please advise of the simplest method to enable use of wireless headphones with the new TVs?

  • Hi
    I am replacing my 5 year old 50″ Panasonic Plasma due to it’s high current draw 600 watts appprox & heat transfer to the room. makes the room very hot in Summer.
    I am aware the LED TV’s are very low current draw in comparison & no heat, but I would prefer a Plasma, could you advise if the ST or VT Plasma’s 50/55/60″ generate heat that could make the room hot as my old model. I would prefer the VT could you also advise if this would any hotter than the ST.
    Many thanks

  • Hi. I’m trying to find the difference between the Th-p60st60 and the th-p60st60a plasmas please

  • Hi Rob, this is a different model to Australia, please refer to our website for all our current LCD range.

  • Hi Peter, the only difference is that the A highlights it is an Australian model, fit for the Australian market.

  • Hi Alison, PDP ‘Home’ mode (Picture Mode = Normal) power consumption (in watts) are as follows:
    TH-P50ST60A: 122
    TH-P55VT60A: 184
    TH-P60S60A: 172
    TH-P60ST60A: 172
    TH-P65ST60A: 199
    TH-P65VT60A: 222

  • Hi there,

    Just like others here have already noted and complained about, there is no headphone jack on my ST60A. How can I connect headphones to this TV? I need to be able to adjust the headphone volume separately from the TV.

    Please advice.
    Thanks, David

  • Hi
    I have a TH-60DT60A LED and cannot get it to recognize a 16gb Verbatim StorNGo usb stick with AVI movies on it.Tried other makes and same result. Hoping you could help.
    Regards John.

  • Hi

    Just purchased a VT60 plasma and very happy EXCEPT I cannot plug in my Sennheisser wireless headphones!!!! Can someone please send me any suggestions?

    Many thanks

  • Hi,
    I’ve got the Panasonic Viera model TH-L42ET60A and notice on black scenes there is back light bleed in the corners. Is normal for these TV’s?

  • Hi John, USB flash memory format should be FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT. USB HDD’s formatted on a PC are not guaranteed to work in a media player.

  • Hi –

    I have a dual band WiFi (2.4 and 5 GHz) through Apple Time Capsule. And the ST60. Which bandwidth is best to use for this TV? We use Netflix to stream.

  • I think that there is no headphone jack or audio output other than optical on the new plasma Viera ST60. Please advise how I can connect a set of wireless headphones to this TV.

  • Hi Tony, You will need to use a Optical to Analogue Stereo Audio Converter to use the wireless headphones.

  • I’m having trouble connecting my sennheiser wireless headphones to my th-l55et60a. Can you please help me as I am currently $190 out if pocket.

  • Hi Dane, You will need to use an Optical to Analogue Stereo Audio Converter to use the wireless headphones.

  • I was successfully using a seagate hard drive to watch movies on my TH-L50EM6A. However the hard drive shorted when connected to a laptop so I had to buy a new one. I bought a WD hard drive but now the TV won’t recognise it at all – it simply says that nothing is connected?


  • I’ve noticed the 1080p mkv files have better picture quality when decoded by Panasonic ST60 internal decoder (via USB) but the user shouldn’t have to find a video file in a larger HD listing without folder structure. I’d love to see this corrected in a firmware update, but could an additional installed Viera app do just the file browsing?

  • Hi Nexus, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, we have provided this to our factory. At this point there is no scheduled changes for this to be upgraded.

  • Smart TV – Panasonic TH L50DT60A.
    We need to buy a wireless Lan Router so we can use our samsung mobile phones with our new TV.
    We have only got Mobile broadband by USB dongle.
    What would be the best product to get us all connected?

  • Hi Mark, please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will assist you with this.

  • Hi Debbie, it is difficult for us to recommend which router would be best for your needs. There maybe issues that crop up using a mobile broadband and multiple devices and lag time but it would be best to refer to your network provider directly to answer these questions.

  • Hi. I have just purchased the Viera TH-L42ET60A tv and the DMR-PWT530GL.
    While the TV guide on the DMR HDD/Blueray displays a picture of the currently selected channel while browsing the guide, the TV itself does not. I have upgraded the TV firmware with no result. I bought this TV after returning my Samsung ‘SMART’ tv due to poor picture quality but my partner is very frustrated that this viera ‘SMART’ tv does not include such a basic feature while the samsung did.
    Please tell me there is a display setting that I have missed that can achieve this basic setting?

  • Hi, have just purchased Panasonic Viera thp50u50z & trying to connect to net…we dont have home internet connection so is it possible to.connect via.wifi on portable hotspot.from my android smartphone? Have.searched all over web & cant find an answer…

  • Hi, I can buy a TH-L50ET60A now for under $1200. I would like to wait until the new series are released in Australia. Can you tell me when that would be please.

  • Hi Aimee, this is a 50 series NZ model, we would recommend contacting Panasonic in New Zealand to discuss further. Viera Connect via Wi-Fi hotspot is not recommended.

  • Hi DPM, Panasonic TV’s don’t display a picture of the currently selected channel whilst in TV Guide. This is something that has not changed in our product line up.

  • Hi Peter, our new line up is being currently introduced. Please refer to our website for all product release information.

  • How do you enable flash player on TH-L42E6A?
    I would like to watch Tv episodes from Yahoo7 but keep getting told I don’t have flash player/or it’s not enabled.

  • I’ve got a TH50A430A, and am trying to recommend it to family in NZ. Do you know the equivalent model number there?

  • i have a Smart TV – Panasonic TH L50DT60A and would like to connect my Iphone 5s and Ipad 2 with the television. i have tried through the bluetooth setup but both devices are not recognised also i do not have the internet at home. is this possible

  • Hi, I’m having the same problem mentioned in this blog with plugging in a wireless headphone set for the TV I bought for my dad.
    It’s a Viesta model AUS: 50A430A

  • Hello,
    I own since a few weeks a Panasonic Viera TX-P55VTW60 and my family is excited about the picture quality and the “smart” features.
    However, there´s one point I didn´t expect from Panasonic as a world leading company in consumer electronics on their “reference” TV product line: the interface of the media player for showing the videos (I didn´t test with music or picture files so far) stored on a external USB HDD is absolutely unhandy, not to say annoying. The way the files are “sorted” is as I once experienced on my first car radio with mp3 support. This is totally antiquated and even my 4 years old low cost sat receiver could handle a folder structure, enabling the consumer to organize the content (as it can be done with every file explorer on any up-to-date OS). Unfortunately presently my kids aren´t smart enough for this “Smart TV” to find their videos in the folder “Family Movies” or “Cartoons”. And my wife is totally frustrated scrolling through lines and lines to search for a particular serial episode.

    So please please think about what you´d expect as “reference” and kindly include the option to switch to folder view and navigation in a soon firmware update. Really high end would be an additional search option with wildcard asterisk.

    Best regards,

    A fan of Panasonic products, owning 3 Lumix cameras, 2 Plasma TVs, 1 washing machine, 1 DECT phone, 1 microwave, 1 old Technics Amplifier.

  • Hi, I use the Sennheiser RS160 wireless on my ST60 and they work flawlessly. You need a digital to analog converter. I run an optical cable from the optical out port, into the D-A converter, which is then plugged into the 3.5 mm jack on the transmitter that comes with the headphones.

  • Hi I just bought a TH65aX800a 4K tv. We cannot get it to recognise our seagate external hard drive. We specifically asked that we can watch our videos by just sticking in a hard drive but it isn’t working. It will recognise a flash drive. Can you help I can’t seem to find any info? Thanks

  • We just purchased a panasonic viera led tv AS700,it’s wonderful,But my husband can not plug in his sennheisser wireless headphone,it’s frustrating,,is anyone have any suggestions or ideas about this.thanks.