Healthy steam cooking with Panasonic microwaves


Powerful steam injected into the microwave’s sealed cavity maintains the moist texture and rich nutrients of your fresh ingredients.

Even the most dedicated kitchen aficionado is faced with competing priorities in the rapid pace of today’s world. We are all determined to eat healthily and watch our nutritional intake, but there are only so many hours in a day that can be dedicated to food preparation – especially when commitments surrounding work and family are taken into consideration. Thankfully help is at hand in the form of combination microwaves, so named because they provide the perks of a conventional regular microwave and a full-sized oven in one handy portable appliance, cooking with steam, hot air or even grilling.

Fast and fresh with powerful turbo steam

Powerful steam injected into the microwave’s sealed cavity maintains the moist texture and rich nutrients of your fresh ingredients. This Turbo Steam feature can be used by itself or simultaneously with the microwave, grill and oven modes to cook (or reheat) a wide range of delicious meals. The best part is that by adding steam, you can reduce traditional oven cooking times without impacting on the quality and taste of your favourite meals.

Perfect combos with simultaneous cooking

Use a combination of the steam, oven, grill and microwave cooking modes for fast and fabulous results. For example, simultaneous use of the oven and steam settings will keep meat succulent when roasting, while combining the grill and microwave modes will speed up cooking time and retain crispiness.

Zero guesswork with clever auto cook/steam

The Auto Cook and Auto Steam features give you gourmet results at the touch of a button. Simply select Auto from the menu, then set the weight of the food and press start. That’s all it takes, as the microwave will automatically adjust the power level and cooking time to suit. No guesswork required!

Panasonic’s steam-powered microwaves

Panasonic are leading lights in the creation and manufacturing of these devices, and many models on the shelves carry our brand name. Whilst a little costlier than a traditional microwave, these appliances pay for themselves multiple times over in terms of convenience and longevity, and we boast models that suit every budget and need. The NN-CS894S model is something of a jewel in our crown and will delight anybody with an interest in utilising a combination microwave for all kinds of kitchen requirements. Sitting just below this flagship model are the NN-DS596B and NN-DS592B, both of which will still fulfil every possible need and offer a perfect introduction to the world of combination microwaves.

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