Review and Keep our innovative new French Door Fridge

Win a Panasonic French Door Fridge

Would you like to experience the clever innovations in our current range of refrigerators that help keep your food and groceries fresher for longer? We’re offering one lucky household a new Panasonic NR-CY55CPSAU French Door Refrigerator to review and keep! Designed for the modern family, it offers a range of convenient features that will save you time, reduce food waste and lower your energy costs.

The Benefits of PrimeFresh+

The NN-CY55CPSAU French Door Refrigerator features an innovative PrimeFresh+ drawer that uses precision temperature control to chill your meat and seafood at -3°C. This magical number is the ideal temp to ‘soft freeze’ beef, pork, chicken, salmon, scallops and more, helping to lock-in freshness and flavour without affecting food texture.
Soft freezing also eliminates the need to defrost food before you cook it. Ingredients in the PrimeFresh+ compartment are ready to slice and prep, perfect for those quick meals after a busy day at work. The lower temperature of -3°C is also ideal for storing cans and bottled drinks, keeping them refreshingly cooler than the main fridge cavity.

AG Clean

∙ Two Anti-Bacterial Filters for your protection
∙ Utilises the anti-bacterial effect of silver ions
∙ Keeps your fridge hygienic and your food fresh

Energy Saving Technology

∙ Inverter compressor for maximum efficiency
∙ 3 ECONAVI sensors monitor usage patterns and operating environment for optimal energy saving performance.

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