Flashback – “a world of information at your fingertips”

Experience a world of information at your fingertips.

As we release a new line of VIERA smart TVs with 4K Ultra HD resolution, the astounding level of connectivity made those of us at Panasonic who are old enough to remember the launch of the Internet marvel at how far technology has come in (what feels like) such a short time.

We found this news report from 1981 and its cautiously optimistic take on the San Francisco Examiner’s early attempts to deliver an online version of its news “through the phone line”. It really hit home to us that we can sometimes take all the aspects of our “smart” new world for granted.

In 1981 people were thrilled to wait two hours to receive the newspaper’s content through their phones. Imagine how blown away they would be to see our new VIERA Life+ Screen feature that goes so far beyond “smart TV” that it redefines the viewing experience. Even in a hyper-connected household where multiple content sources are standard and second-screening is second nature, the new Life+ Screens adapt to each viewer’s lifestyle and make it easy to access all of their content, all of the time.

Now, that really is a world of information at your fingertips.

Back to the future, check out the new VIERA with Life+ Screen.