Experience which VIERA TV would look great in your home with VIERA App

Experience VIERA TVs in your home through your iPhone camera

The VIERA Augmented Reality Simulator App lets you experience VIERA TVs in your home. There is no need to use a folding rule as you can see through your iPhone, which size of TV fits best and whether it should be mounted on the wall or a stand. All you need is an iPhone with the app installed and a printer.

It has never been that easy and fun to find the VIERA TV model that perfectly matches into your home.

VIERA AR Simulator App

The VIERA Augmented Reality Simulator App is an application for iPhones (3G or later) that uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to simulate VIERA TV models in the real world. When turning the iPhone to the special AR marker, you can see how the VIERA models will look like in your home. It also provides the option to take a photo for later viewing or to share it with your friends via email, Twitter, or Facebook. The application can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store free of charge.

Watch this video for a demonstration of the VIERA AR Simulator App to see how it provides a “virtual” visualization of a VIERA TV set up in your room.