Exclusive Q&A with Audio Product Manager

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Exclusive Q&A with Anthony Smyth, Wednesday 21/06 @ 1:30pm!
Between 1:30pm-3:30pm (21/06/11), Panasonic Australia Product Manager for Audio products, Anthony Smyth will be answering all your questions around the new 2011 Home Theatre Systems, Mini and Micro Systems across our official Facebook and Twitter accounts. We will do our best to respond to all of your questions in the allocated time.

Question 1 from Greg Sylvia:

Hello Anthony,

Could you tell me if the BDT 310 3D Blu Ray player has been released in Australia yet. Your website has June but I cant find it in any stores yet.

Thank You.

Anthony’s response:

Hi Greg,

Yes the BDT310 has been released in all states this month; you should be able to find stock in a retail outlet shortly.

Thank you,

Question 2 from Lochie Greene:

Hi I have a Panasonic about 1 years old does having the system to close to the wall effect sound/audio?


Anthony’s response:
Hi Lochie audio sound should not be effected when speakers are placed close to the wall.


Question 3 from Max Stevie:

Can you tell me the cheapest home theatre system available that has wireless rear speakers?

Anthony’s response:

Hi Max we have 2 models of Home Theatre that have Wireless rear speaker capability.
The SC-BTT370 (RRP $699) is wireless rear speaker ready and requires a separate purchase of the wireless expander (model SH-FX71 RRP $299) to make it Wireless for rear speakers.

The SC-BTT775 (RRP $899) is our 4 tall boy model that is wireless rear speaker ready out of the box.

or more information on these models visit:




Question 4 from Matt Ryks:

Hi Anthony,

What sort of plans does Panasonic have for using its existing standing (being the best in market) in the vision area to help boost its audio performance. I am an enthusiast and i would not hesitate to buy a Panasonic display..bu…t for my audio its a whole different story. I would really like to see something that is a premium model (i feel wattage @ 10% THD at 1K is not worth quoting) give us some real specs and make something thats worth me investing in, if i spend 2k+ on a display i would expect to spend even more on sound. I also feel panasonic could make an impact on peoples thinking and could expand its market share if they invested money into products such as these and marketed it as premium sound to match your premium display (so to speak!) Also what about a 5.1 system that can have an expansion pack to make it 7.1? what about real subs that can go to 30hz (or really 20hz) without bottoming out. I know this may not be viable for you or not what you are wanting but i would love to see something made by yoursleves worthy of my money. I feel you guys are so good at displays but it seems youve forgotten that half the experience is hearing/feeling the sound/movie!

Anthony’s response:

Hi Matt,

Thanks very much for your feedback. This is very constructive, and we will take on board your comments.


Question 5 from @snarkle:

Will the 2011 HT systems allow you to input HDMI or digital/optical DTS audio from external sources? Like a PS3 or HTPC?

Anthony’s response:

Dear Snarkle,

Thanks for your question, yes the SC-BTT370 & SC-BT775 both have 2 HDMI inputs & 1 Digital Audio Optical Input.


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