Don’t take your TV to the tip – recycle

Australia is beginning a new environmental initiative in 2011 – a national recycling scheme for televisions that could see more than 200,000 TVs avoid the tip each month. Panasonic is proud to have participated in the creation of this scheme.

It’s important to recycle – many older TVs contain chemicals that can be damaging to the environment if not disposed of correctly – and also, modern recycling technology means that many materials in your CRT TV can be re-used to create new products.

We all want to take care of Australia’s environment, and it’s going to be easier than ever before to dispose of that old TV responsibly!

See Steve Rust (Panasonic Australia Managing Director) talk about the National TV Recycling Scheme below, and on our YouTube Channel.


To find out more about Panasonic’s other environmental initiatives visit our Eco Ideas Website.

See the Panasonic Corporate Social Responsibility e-Brochure here.

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  • can you just tell me if you recycle TVs (12 years old) and if so where di I take it. anywhere within the south east of melbourne

  • Hi Mark,
    Thanks for your question.
    It is great that you’re going to recycle your old TV. We do not have any recycling facility so it is best if you look for your locally approved recycling centre.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic