DIY the ultimate baby monitor with our room camera and hub

Baby Monitor with Camera

Day or night, keeping an eye on your child in their crib or room, or while in the care of others, brings peace of mind. That’s why our Room Monitoring Kit from the Panasonic Connected Home Monitoring System is ideal for parents. This DIY kit includes a hub unit and an indoor camera that you can use to make a Baby Monitor linked up to your smartphone and/or tablet.

Easy DIY monitoring the hub unit and camera

Powerful and compact, the hub unit controls the camera and can be placed in any room or even in the nursery space. The hub unit connects to your Wi-Fi router and the camera connects to the hub unit, allowing you to see, hear and even talk to your child from anywhere in the house –  or out and about from wherever you may be – with your smartphone and/or tablet.

Baby Monitor with Camera and Hub

Motion and sound detection, night vision and video recording

The camera comes equipped with sound and motion detectors. So when your child wakes or cries, the camera promptly sends an alert to your smartphone and tablet and, if you wish, records video automatically to a high-capacity MicroSD* card in the hub unit. Also, if your child wakes or cries, the camera can play gentle lullabies to entertain your child and help them sleep. You can even receive alerts on your smartphone and tablet if the child’s room temperature falls below or above your established threshold. What’s more, when the room is dark the camera automatically switches to the night vision mode** and shows images up to 6m (20 ft) away, even in dark areas.

*Up to 32GB.
**When the night vision mode is active, colours may appear different from normal.


Secure, long-range signal with no monthly fees

The Room Monitoring Kit takes advantage of the DECT technology that allows the product to maintain a clear, secure and long-range signal throughout your home. You can easily configure, install and control the system yourself. Plus, there’s never a monthly fee to pay.

Select the detection area

You can adjust which areas of the camera image are monitored for motion detection. This allows you to ignore motion in certain areas of the camera’s image such as out of baby bed. Gray areas of the camera image indicate areas for which image sensitivity is disabled.


It grows with you

The system is extremely expandable and each hub can support a total of 4 cameras including outdoor cameras and indoor cameras, 6 digital cordless handsets and a total of 50 other devices including Smart Plugs, Motion Sensors and Window/Door Sensors. Devices including sensors and cameras can be quickly synced with the system with one push pairing.



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