Coastal Exposure with LUMIX GX8 and Ken Duncan


We invited a talented group of photographers to join leading landscape photographer, Ken Duncan OAM on an adventure to test-drive our latest LUMIX GX8. From a thundering horse muster in the Glenworth Valley, to magic dawn and evening shots, they have captured these experiences in their own individual style.

LUMIX GX8 at a glimpse

The new DMC-GX8 Mirrorless Camera features a host of advanced functions in a stylish yet rugged weatherproof design with intuitive controls. Enjoy unprecedented picture quality and control with a 20.3-Megapixel Digital Live MOS Sensor, Dual I.S. (combining lens and body image stabilisation), tilting 2.36 million dot OLED viewfinder, 1.04 million dot free-angle OLED touch screen and exciting 4K video/photo capabilities.

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Photo gallery

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Meet the photographers


GX8-blogger-theloveassemblyAubrey Dacquinag | theloveassembly

Australian travel blogger Aubrey is the creator of The Love Assembly – a travel and fashion style blog dedicated to inspiring and motivating young women to live a more creative and curious life.

GX8-blogger-itchbanBenjamin Lee | itchban

Benjamin Lee is enthusiastic about photography, technology, social media, lifestyle & travel. He is the founder of collaborative Instagram community Awe Supply Co.

GX8-blogger-ewenbellEwen Bell | ewenbell

‘Photography is art, love, sharing how you see the world.’ Ewen Bell explores unique destinations from Nepal to Norway.

GX8-blogger-itsworthashotMatt Donovan | itsworthashot

Landscape photographer Matt Donovan is driven by the opportunity he has to inspire others by sharing his experiences, stories and passion.

GX8-blogger-_nata_Natalia Horinkova | _nata_

Dive into the breathtaking beauty of water images from Natalia Horinkova.

GX8-blogger-robmulallyRob Mulally | robmulally

‘Explore. Create. Caption.’ Every Rob Mulally photographic gem has a pearl of wisdom.

GX8-blogger-throughscottslensScott Mellish | throughscottslens

Panasonic Business Manager and Photographer, Scott Mellish showcases his passion for travel photography.