Cutting-edge technology shaves you close and smooth


Our premium rechargeable Wet/Dry 3 Blade Shaver (ES-LT2N) and 5 Blade Shavers (ES-LV6N and ES-LV9N) combine a 3D multi-flexible pivot head and beard sensor technology for a shave that is clean, close and ultra-smooth.

What’s more, even the toughest stubble is no match for our latest releases, thanks to outstanding Japanese blade technology. Super sharp nanotech blades are powered by the highest RPM of Panasonic’s unique linear motors and the blades have been fine-tuned to an acute 30-degree angle, the sharpest in the market, for superior cutting performance. A pop-up trimmer with a 45-degree durable stainless steel blade is also incorporated for quickly cutting your thickest and most stubborn hairs.

Flexible multi-dimension design gives you a gentle and close shave


The new 3D multi-flexible pivot head hugs your face, staying in close contact with your skin. A newly developed suspension mechanism allows for multi-dimensional movement of the shaver, from back to forth; left and right; up and down. In addition to the unique Panasonic multi-fit arc foils, this feature guarantees close and continuous contact with your skin that traces every contour of your face, neck and jawline.

Sensor technology detects beard density and controls cutting power


Panasonic’s shaving sensor technology detects your beard density and automatically adjusts motor speed to provide a gentle, effective shave experience and reduce skin irritation. The sensor determines differences in beard density at different locations, then the power is controlled to provide powerful cutting where your beard is heavy and soft cutting where it is thin.

Our blade technology combines a legacy of quality and a tradition of innovation


We’ve taken the Japanese art of making exceptionally sharp, strong swords and applied that ancient craft to developing the extraordinary razor blades that go into our range of electric shavers.

Hammering and forging makes our blades stronger and more durable. Shaver-Blade-Technology-Panasonic-01-212w
Heating and tempering makes the blades harder yet more flexible. Shaver-Blade-Technology-Panasonic-02-212w
Sharpening and polishing the blades gives them the perfect edge. Shaver-Blade-Technology-Panasonic-03-212w