Brilliant advertising from a galaxy far, far away…

“With a new Panasonic cordless phone, you won’t sound like you’re calling from another planet.”

It’s kind of strange to imagine a time when cordless phones were a far-out and scary concept. Yet in the early 80s, that’s just how it was! Speaking on a cordless phone was akin to receiving a crackly radio transmission from astronauts on the moon and the security parametres were so loose, your neighbours with a cordless phone could charge their calls to your line.


Today’s flashback is a nod to two wonderful things; the Panasonic cordless phone that solved the poor reception and security issues, and the ad itself, which is a remarkable example of the new wave of 80s advertising that joined art and brilliant copy together to create ads that found the truth in the product.

This ad typifies a time when brilliant campaigns were the industry norm and even a magazine ad for a cordless phone brought art, commerce, and human emotion together to promote a product.


Back to the future, have a look at our current cordless phone range.

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