LUMIX GM1 and MIYAVI join together #underthesamesky

Official “Guard You” video clip

Charismatic Japanese singer-songwriter and guitarist, MIYAVI is well known for his dramatic stage presence, sold out concerts and spellbinding video clips. He has been performing since 1999; when he moved to Tokyo at the age of 17 to join a visual kei rock band, and fifteen years later his success continues to defy expectations.

This year, MIYAVI can even add an acting credit to his long list of achievements with his international debut in Angelina Jolie’s upcoming feature film, Unbroken.

So when the artist wrote the track Guard You after the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami as a way of connecting with those suffering the devastating effects while he was working in LA, it’s not surprising that it became a project much bigger than one song.

MIYAVI posted a picture of the sky in Los Angeles with the hashtag “#underthesamesky and from this one image, an entire concept based around images was born, featuring the LUMIX GM1 camera as a central piece of the Guard You video clip.

“Even if it’s far away, we’re living under the same sky.”


Behind the scenes of #underthesamesky 

The behind-the-scenes action of his subsequent SLAP THE WORLD TOUR 2014 was then shot using the GM1, creating a moving and exciting record of MIYAVI’s journey.

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