Ashiya and Twente beat the clouds

Friday 21 October, 2011
5pm Darwin Time – unofficial positions

Two more teams have crossed finish of timing in Angle Vale this afternoon in the Veolia World Solar Challenge. The second team from Japan, Ashiya at 4.19pm were fourth to cross ahead of team Twente (5th) from the Netherlands at 4.26 pm.

While the first three teams already across the finish of timing, Tokai from Japan (1st), Nuon from the Netherlands (2nd) and University of Michigan (3rd) celebrated with a traditional fountain dunking today in Victoria Square Adelaide, mother-nature dished out another hurdle for theother 34 teams who were still making their way to Adelaide.All teams struggled to make headway under the extremely heavy cloud cover with speeds slowing to less than 30 kilometres an hour.

Teams will now have to battle the clock as the cut-off time for them to travel under solar power on road is 12 pm Saturday. Front-running teams are still traveling under solar power as they attempt to protect their positions in the top ten. This includes Australia’s teams Aurora from Melbourne (6th) and Uni NSW (7th) are south of Port Germein.

The bad luck continued for the Umicore team from Belgium who after replacing their battery last night and accepting a time penalty have now had further battery issues forcing them to trailer into Port Pirie.

Many other teams at the rear of the field are now trailering their vehicles to ensure they reach Victoria Square in time to share in the ceremony and festivities over the weekend. All teams have the opportunity to drive their cars into Victoria Square along King William Street and be greeted by their supporters.

All teams will be looking for a little more sunshine as they hit the home straight into Adelaide.

Further updates will be posted on the website and Facebook tomorrow.