-3°C soft freezing is a fridge game-changer!


The Panasonic NR-BX41BXSAU bottom-mount refrigerator features a sensational -3°C Prime Fresh Case. This clever case provides ‘soft freezing’ – an all-new refrigeration technology. With our Prime Fresh Case, you don’t have to choose between chilled or frozen. Instead, produce in the case is soft frozen, keeping raw food fresher for longer and making meat slicing super easy.

The technology behind -3°C soft freezing


A typical freezer chills produce to -18°C ~ -20 °C, which is great for items that require hard freezing like ice cream, meat and left-overs needing long-term storage. The Prime Fresh Case provides a -3 °C soft freezing option, keeping produce at a temperature option that sits between chilled and frozen. This means the food is only lightly frozen, allowing raw foods to stay at their best, retaining nutrients as well as delicious flavour and texture.

Cook without defrosting


There is no need to defrost partially frozen food taken from the Prime Fresh Case. Since it never hardens, it remains easy to cut and cook immediately. Meats are particularly easy to slice, which enthusiastic chefs will love as you can thin-slice the meat for stir-fries or delicate dishes.

Long-lasting flavour and freshness


Thanks to soft freezing, the freshness of foods lasts longer in the Prime Fresh Case than in the fridge compartment. Moreover, since soft freezing preserves the cell structure of foods, it can keep food in a near-raw state, maintaining its delicious flavour and texture.

Minimise the spread of food odours

Ag-Clean-Logo-Panasonic-FridgesSoft freezing food inhibits bacterial growth, which works to minimise odours. The Prime Fresh case is ideal for storing seafood and other strong-smelling foods, as it helps to prevent intense odours from spreading to other foods in the refrigerator.

Switch temperatures to suit your needs

You can choose between -3 °C soft freezing or 0 °C chilling, based on the food you need to store.


*1 When temperature setting MED is selected. Temperature can be set to either MIN, MED or MAX to fit the volume and type of food.

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