Panasonic surveillance and rugged mobility for roads and traffic industry

The Australian Government has committed to spend over $100 Billion across the next 10 years to improve transport infrastructure with approx. $50 Billion to be spent on roads infrastructure. In light of this, companies that provide solutions and services to the road planning, building and operating ecosystem are in high-demand.

Panasonic’s latest surveillance and rugged mobility solutions are poised to meet the sector needs of infrastructure, traffic management, safety, smart mobility, parking and active transport. So naturally we had teams on the ground at Australia’s biggest industry event for entire roads transport ecosystem, the 2019 National Roads & Traffic Expo.

Held over two days in September at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, the National Roads & Traffic Expo is where cutting-edge equipment and solutions are showcased for the industry, and the perfect meeting place for high level attendees from road agencies and operators to learn about Panasonic’s latest product innovations, along with regulatory developments and project announcements.

Toughbook Mobile Computing Solutions for Transport and Warehouse

The integration of IoT supply chain and machine learning solutions into mobile applications is the next frontier of real-time decision making for transport companies with warehousing needs that require point-to-point tracking of deliveries, supply chain optimisation and inventory management.

For transportation and logistics managers, field technicians and operations teams throughout the enterprise, the real value of the IoT aided by machine learning is found when data is delivered in real time. The result drives a highly visible supply chain that allows managers to make real-time decisions to maximise efficiencies and identify business value. Just as supply chains are always moving so are the managers.

Having enterprise mobile devices purpose-built for the rugged work conditions in warehouses, distribution centers, ports or intermodal terminals is essential. Panasonic is an industry expert in the mobile technology requirements of transportation and supply chain companies. As our presence at the National Roads & Traffic Expo illustrated, we stand ready to bring these mobile solutions to users with the Toughbook line of rugged laptops, tablets, 2-in-1’s and handhelds.

Mobility, the IoT and Machine Learning

Toughbook FZ-T1 Rugged Android Handheld

The ideal tool for warehouse, transportation and logistics sectors, this 5″ multi-use device combines handheld tablet and smartphone functionality with barcode scanner integration, military standard ruggedness, and a host of accessory options.


Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera

Designed for our Toughbook FZ-M1 7″ tablet series, the Intel RealSense D410 rear facing 3D camera is ideal for accurate 3D measurement to aid a wide range of industry applications including warehouse space optimisation, plant and asset maintenance.


Panasonic Security Solutions for Traffic and Road Infrastructure

Security cameras and systems in use at strategic points on streets and in transportation facilities must be to record high-visibility video over a long period and analyse the resulting data.

Panasonic’s superior security technology can be applied across a wide range of usage situations, benefiting contractors undertaking project work on main roads and city infrastructure, along with the third party technology providers and software partners we work with to provide end-to-end solutions.

At the National Roads & Traffic Expo, we demonstrated our automatic number plate recognition and vehicle search technology that shortens investigation time by law enforcement to improve safety outcomes. We also showed off the road planning benefits of our multi sensor cameras that minimise blind spots at complex traffic intersections and other locations where a wide area needs to be monitored, such as parking lots, building perimeters, traffic intersections, airports and station concourses.

i -PRO® Extreme Multi-Sensor Cameras

Panasonic 4 x 4K Multi-Sensor Camera

The Panasonic i-PRO® Extreme WV-X8570N Multi-Sensor Camera features four repositionable lenses with 4K (33MP) image sensors, swingEye wide range tilt angle adjustment, outstanding low light performance, and efficient compression with a smart coding algorithm.


Panasonic 4 x FHD Multi-Sensor Camera

The Panasonic i-PRO® Extreme WV-S8530N Multi-Sensor Camera features four repositionable lenses with FHD (8MP) image sensors, swingEye wide range tilt angle adjustment, outstanding low light performance, and efficient compression with a smart coding algorithm.