Innovating with the world-class Panasonic Anechoic Chamber

Panasonic invests millions of dollars in research, development and world-class wireless testing facilities, so it is no surprise that we currently operate one of the world’s largest anechoic chambers in the industry, in Kobe, Japan.


What is an anechoic chamber?

We’re glad you asked! Break the word up into ‘an-echoic’ and it’s easier to see that it means ‘non-echoing’. Basically, the anechoic chamber is an insulated room designed to totally absorb external noise or electromagnetic waves.

Why does Panasonic need one?

Panasonic’s state-of-the-art anechoic chamber is integral to the wireless testing of our Toughbooks to ensure unsurpassed quality, reliability and exceptional performance. The chamber produces a controlled environment for testing radio frequency (RF) signals on Toughbook wireless products, including total isotropic sensitivity (TIS) and total radiated power (TRP).

What’s the end result?

Thanks to the results produced in the anechoic chamber, Panasonic builds customised antennas and modules that maximise the wireless performance of Toughbook computers. These rigorous testing and manufacturing procedures benefit our customers because we are able to ensure that Toughbooks deliver a strong connection across a wide range of industries, settings and geographies. It also allows Panasonic engineers to isolate and address problem areas before the final design is approved for manufacturing.

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