You can’t put that in the dryer!?

Clothes dryers have long been viewed as a necessary evil; great for last-minute fashion fixes, and handy during prolonged rainy spells but nothing you would go near with your fancy clothes or delicate items.

29Oct bear small

Who hasn’t had their fave woolen jumper shrunk down to dolls clothing size, or ruined a lovely piece of lingerie when these pieces accidentally made it from the washing machine to the dryer with the rest of the load? We all know that horrible sinking feeling when we realise a ‘do not tumble dry’ item has emerged from the dryer and is beyond repair.

Why is the dryer so anti-clothing? Well, conventional dryers use a heating element and rely on simply baking the moisture out of your clothes as they spin round and round, which causes all the damage. Even the delicate cycles simply do this at a lower temperature.

But Panasonic Australia have debuted a dryer that will be a kind and loving friend to your most fragile pieces. The widely adjustable temperature range of our new Heat Pump Tumble Dryer features a Gentle Dry mode that allows you to dry at a temperate 45°C, ensuring that delicate fabrics such as wool and nylon, and lingerie are safe from damage or shrinkage.


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