We add a siren and a water leak sensor to our Connected Home range


We recently released a ‘do it yourself’ Connected Home Monitoring System to monitor and control your home whenever you want and from wherever you are, without the hefty price tag or monthly fees that are usually associated with this type of technology. The range is about to get even better with the addition of two new optional products; an indoor siren with flashing strobe light and a water leak sensor.

Panasonic home monitoring and automation system story so far

Our easy-to-set-up home monitoring and automation system is comprised of a range of clever devices and kits that allow you to remotely activate your electrical appliances and monitor your home via your smartphone. For example, you use smart plugs to schedule lights and appliances to turn on and off; place motion sensors and window/door sensors to detect intruders or to switch on a light connected to a smart plug; use indoor cameras to keep watch on specific locations such as your baby’s room; or check the car in the garage or driveway using outdoor cameras.

NEW  | Optional Indoor Siren deters intruders and alerts residents to danger


Enhance your Connected Home Monitoring System with this optional indoor siren. Designed to respond to any triggered sensor, it emits a flashing light and an adjustable-volume siren (up to 110dB). It’s perfect for deterring intruders and warning family inside the home of possible danger. What’s more the bright LED strobe light provides critical illumination during a nighttime emergency and is also well-suited for use with those who are hearing impaired.

The wall-mountable siren is easy to install in any interior room or space, including stairways, hallways and garages. With the touch of a button, the siren and strobe automatically sync via Wi-Fi to the hub unit*. The siren can be armed and disarmed, and decibel volume adjusted, from inside the home or remotely using your smartphone or tablet.

*The network hub (KX-HNB600AZW) is required for siren, sensors and other system components.

NEW  | Optional Water Leak Sensor protects your home from water damage


Expand your Connected Home Monitoring System with this optional water leak sensor and you can protect your home from serious (and very expensive) water damage. Simply place sensors and probes near any potential leak source, such as a washing machine or bathtub. If triggered by leaking water, an alert will sent to your smartphone, tablet or the optional cordless handset letting you know exactly where a leak has been detected. The Network Hub will also beep continuously.

Affix these lightweight, wall-mountable sensors where required and extend the sensor probe to touch the floor or other surface. With the touch of a button, the sensor will sync automatically via Wi-Fi to the Network Hub unit*. Panasonic water leak sensors are ideal for monitoring bathrooms, crawl spaces, under sinks, near washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, toilets and more.

*The network hub (KX-HNB600AZW) is required for siren, sensors and other system components.

Video: Lochie Daddo puts our new connected home monitoring system through its paces