Turn ordinary family pictures into something really special

School holidays are nearly here which means that our Facebook feeds will be flooded with pictures of kids getting up to kids’ business! Do you want yours to stand out from the pack? Take a look at these simple tips and learn how to elevate your family photos above the average happy snap.

1. Don’t make such a big deal of the camera.


Keep the camera out of sight.
Flickr Creative Commons by Patrick McDonald (top left image) and Theresa Martell.

Instead of whipping out the camera and getting the kids to pose, let yourself be drawn into one of their make believe games and then quietly bring out the camera to capture a few moments. Those pictures will tell a more meaningful story than a cheesy coaxed pose.

2. Create a super-cute slideshow.


From top: Flickr Creative Commons by Cmeehan and Theresa Martell.

Try putting your camera into burst mode to create a sequence of action pics. Not only does this give you more chances to capture truly great images, but when you display the images as a slideshow, you’ll be charmed at the feeling of movement and energy in the photo story.

3. Forget making the kids sit still.


Let them do their own thing.

Kids at their exuberant best are so much more photogenic than when they are obeying an order to sit still and smile for the camera. Let them do their own thing and surprise you with their own special brand of magic.

4. Get in on the game.


Engage and have fun!
Flickr Creative Commons by Theresa Martell.

Sure your kids are the cutest things on earth but in between the many snaps of them growing up, you will really treasure natural and playful family shots. The trick to good family shots is to play naturally with your kids but play at a much slower pace than usual – that way the camera can catch every little nuance.

5. Capture the full range of emotions.


From top left: Flickr Creative Commons by Demandaj, Rolands.lakis, Niklas Hellerstedt, Meaganmakes and Mdanys.

Growing up isn’t all sunshine and lollipops! Sometimes it’s tears before bedtime, confusion and angry tantrums. Capturing a picture of these moments every now and then will lead to some gorgeous, unexpected shots and interesting memories.

6. Go in for the sneak attack.


Flickr Creative Commons by Theresa Martell.

All kids are absolute perfection when they are sleeping. Soft skin, long lashes, and relaxed faces – you could just eat them up! Wait ‘til yours asleep and then sneak out the camera to take a few angelic shots. After all, it won’t be long before they are awake and getting into mischief.

7. Capture fleeting opportunities with 4K Photo & Video

Capturing the perfect shot is difficult at the best of times; it’s a fleeting moment, taking the greatest skill and patience to shoot it in perfect clarity. A range of LUMIX G Series and compact cameras offer 4K video and 4K Photo to capture every moment in impressive clarity. 4K video recording gives you four times the resolution of Full HD to bring the sights and sounds of your travels to life. While 4K Photo mode incorporates 4K Pre-burst mode which shoots 30 frames per second before and after the shutter is released, to capture the decisive moment with total precision.


8. Enhance your unique style with creative filters

Your fabulous holiday pictures needn’t be confined to what the camera captures. You can turn ordinary scenes into extraordinary photographs by applying special effects and filters to your photos. Many LUMIX cameras already have a Creative Control mode built right into them with a wide array of effects means you will let you effortlessly express your creativity and record your adventures in your own unique style.

The FT5 (along with many other LUMIX cameras) features a Creative Control mode that offers a wide array of effects and filters.

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