Three children, two dogs and one perfect air conditioning solution

Credit: @geebungalow

With the addition of one newborn to a family, let alone two, free time becomes a thing of the past. Every new arrival brings continual surprise and excitement, but also some sleepless nights and a degree of unpredictability. In times like these, simple ways to take control of your home environment creates peace of mind for all families. So, what happens when you’re expecting twins, and already have your hands full with a toddler and two pets?!

Roisin and Zac Tarrant are excited parents who welcomed twins in the peak of summer in Queensland and moved into their new family home along with their toddler son and two big dogs. As with every change to a family home, there are a number of decisions to make both before – and after – the little ones arrive. The Tarrants have once again turned to Panasonic to provide clean, comfortable, and convenient air conditioning solutions for their new family of seven after using the units in their Airbnb property in Toowoomba for one year.

As keen renovators, the Tarrants have made their careers designing and reworking properties across the country. From holiday homes to family homes, they are no strangers to Panasonic’s solutions and understand the importance of ensuring the circulation of fresh and clean air in a home – to prevent the growth of mould, bacteria, viruses, and the presence of allergens such as pet dander.

At the peak of summer – and with newborn twins, a toddler and two dogs that are primarily indoors to look after – an installation that was quick and efficient was top priority for the family. After their positive experiences during their previous projects, the Tarrants have once again turned to Panasonic to protect the health, comfort and cleanliness of their family home.

“Living in Brisbane, having air conditioning makes it much more comfortable during the hot and humid weather. When we moved into our house we didn’t even have ceiling fans, so having the air conditioning was amazing, especially as I was heavily pregnant with twins!” Roisin Tarrant said.

“We previously installed Panasonic air conditioning solutions in our Toowoomba holiday house and knew they were going to be key in our family home, especially during the warm summers. We also noticed the efficiency of these models reflected in our energy bills!” Zac Tarrant said.

In day-to-day life, at daycares, parks and the like, young children can be exposed to a range of bacteria. Whether it be from pets, other children, or our outdoor surroundings, it is no secret that harmful bacteria can easily make their way into a home. With young children particularly vulnerable to germs and bacteria, it is important to combat this stress that plays on the minds of many families.

“Having two newborns in the house makes us hyper aware of dust and other allergens that may be in the air,” Roisin Tarrant said.

Panasonic’s range of air conditioning solutions – equipped with the air purification capability of its nanoe™X technology – delivers peace of mind to families. Working to not only keep a home comfortable, but also to cycle out particulate matter in the air that can lead to sickness, Panasonic air conditioners deodorise the indoor environment while inhibiting up to 99 per cent of common viruses and bacteria.

“It has been such a gift to be able to step into this next chapter of our family life with the confidence that our home is somewhere our children are safe and healthy. As our family grows and there’s more to juggle, it’s comforting to know that mould and germs are being taken care of by our air conditioners,” Roisin Tarrant said.

“The nanoe™X technology gives us peace of mind that our home has fresh and clean air for our family. I have found my allergies have improved dramatically since we installed our air conditioners.”

Panasonic takes pride in providing Australians with the features they need to keep their homes safe and a place to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Helping homeowners take control of their environment remains a priority and a focus in design.

Panasonic’s range of air conditioning solutions also feature a Comfort Cloud App, which allows users to adjust temperature settings from anywhere via their mobile phone. The technology offers the freedom and flexibility to adjust temperature in individual parts of the house and set timers, catering to the needs of the whole family.

“We often turn on the air conditioning while we are on our way home, so the kids’ rooms are nice and cool for their naps. It’s also great for when we are rushing out the door and forget to turn them off as we can do this from the road,” Roisin Tarrant said.

Commenting on the benefits of Panasonic’s solutions, Joe De Bella, Group Manager for Air Conditioning at Panasonic Australia, shared the ethos behind the design and elements of its product development.

“At Panasonic, we continue to pursue innovation and new technologies, with application, ease of use and reliability always top of mind. We understand that needs differ across families and vary across different parts of the country, but our air conditioning solutions featuring nanoe™X technology provide constant peace of mind and a comfortable home environment no matter where you live in Australia,” Joe De Bella said.

Panasonic’s air conditioning solutions are available for both residential and commercial applications. For more information, to locate a dealer or to request a quote, visit the Panasonic Australia website.