More Than A Rice Cooker Review and Keep

The Panasonic SR-DA152WST and SR-DA182KST Rice Cookers are the multifunction heroes that you have been looking for. We have 5 of each model to be won in our “More than A Rice Cooker” Review and Keep promotion.

As well as serving up perfectly cooked, fluffy rice, these models are designed for practicality and ease,  with their multicooker functionality allowing home chefs to create their favorite dishes, from dumplings to braised ribs and steamed vegetables.  The convenient Auto Menu settings include white rice, brown rice, quick cook, steam, congee, soup and keep warm.

The two new models also incorporate Panasonic’s Fuzzy Logic technology, which automatically adjusts cooking temperature to ensure best results for all the different types of rice. A 24-hour timer means your meal is ready to eat at your preferred time.

The non-stick inner pan with a binchotan charcoal coating provides maximum heat conductivity along with easy cleaning and maintenance.

The new models have a modern, compact design for today’s kitchens, with the 8-cup SR-DA152WST available in white and the 10-cup SR-DA182KST available in black.

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