The mighty GH4 just keeps racking up the accolades


There’s no doubt as to why the LUMIX GH4 is proving itself as the top choice for sophisticated photographers and videographers. This interchangeable lens camera is loaded with outstanding features and technologies, but the real “wow” factor lies with its hybrid nature, making it the ultimate professional tool for commercial photographers and videographers. In addition to stunning stills, the GH4 provides 4K video recording for the best possible video quality and is backed by features to support serious commercial editing and production.

In fact, the GH4 is racking up so many accolades, that even we are having trouble keeping track of all the awards and reviews, so we decided to gather as many as we could here into one place!


AV HUB – “There’s really nothing for it but to give Panasonic a loud round of applause for the Lumix GH4. It’s a masterpiece and it will undoubtedly have rivals banging on the doors of their product planning departments, demanding action.”
Read AV HUB’s review.

Sydney Morning Herald – “The Panasonic GH4 is an impressive piece of gear.”
Read SMH’s review.

Reviewed – Editor’s Choice – 9.7 (Better than 99% of Reviewed Digital Cameras) – “Nothing else for the money offers such a well-thought-out feature set or a quality no-compromises interface.”
Read Reviewed’s review.

Pocket Link – 5 Stars – “It’s the 4K movie mode that sees the GH4 land in a special place. It’s so far ahead of the competition in this regard that it’s currently untouchable.”
Read Pocket Link’s review.


The most recent news for the GH4 list of accolades is the Gold Award given by the Australian Photography + Digital magazine. The July 2014 edition features a 2-page review and scores our GH4 a 4.5 stars in Handling, 5 stars in Features, 4.5 stars in Exposure, 4.5 stars in Image Quality and 4.5 stars for Value for Money.


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