The GF7’s self-shot modes are so simple – check out this tutorial


LUMIX GF7 – the camera that makes selfies hands-free.

The world has moved on from the simple times of a selfie taken with a camera phone. The next stage of selfie-volution are usies (duo selfie) and wefies (group selfies) and those in the know will soon abandon their low-res camera phones for the fantastic new LUMIX GF7 interchangeable lens camera. Featuring a 180° tilting touch screen monitor and a range of automatic self-shot modes, this clever little camera opens up a new world of portrait possibilities.

Check out this quick tutorial to see just how simple it is to use the new modes – or click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Face Shutter

Triggers the shutter after you wave your hand in front of your face.


STEP 1: Flip the tilting LCD into place.


STEP 2: Choose ‘Face Shutter’ on the touch screen menu.


STEP 3: Wave your hand in front of your face to activate the shutter.


STEP 4: Smile for the camera…


STEP 5: And enjoy a perfect selfie or usie without ever touching a button!!

Buddy Shutter

Triggers the shutter when the camera detects two faces next to each other.


STEP 1: Get that LCD into the right position.


STEP 2: Choose ‘Buddy Shutter’ on the touch screen menu.


STEP 3: Pose with your faces close together to activate the shutter.


STEP 4: And have some fun with usies that aren’t limited to the length of your arm.

Watch the video

Check out the LUMIX GF7.

Tag your bestie in a moment made to share and win a LUMIX GF7

Calling all best buddies, babes and BFFs! When you post an “usie” (that’s a duo selfie) just made to share and tag your partner-in-crime, you could both win a LUMIX GF7 – the camera that makes selfies hands-free.

From 05/May/2015 31/May/2015, we are going to be giving away 2x LUMIX GF7 interchangeable lens cameras every week to the most creative buddies in this usie comp. Entering is pretty simple: check out the theme on our Facebook page, post an usie with your buddy (don’t forget to tag!) and answer the ‘question of the week’. Impress us and you could both be the proud owners of our latest G Series baby worth $699RRP*.


*Terms and conditions apply.