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Dr Dean Miller and the Adventure For Change Team are currently on a two month expedition on the Eastern Coast of Greenland high in the Arctic to explore, research and document the environment and the wildlife and people that call this remote area home. As the average temperature is -25 Celsius and for all intents and purposes, they may as well be visiting another planet! They are learning that the Arctic is a cold, dry and barren landscape and is extreme in every sense of the word.

Using the AG-HPX250EN

Using the AG-HPX250EN

After two weeks of planning, preparation and survival training (including how to fend of curious polar bears while they are out on the frozen tundra), the team are now ready to travel thousands of kilometres on their snowmobiles. They are seeking out pristine landscapes, unique and fragile ecosystems, rare and endangered wildlife and, of course, adventure. Once they leave the base camp they will effectively be on their own.

In order to capture every exciting moment of the expedition Panasonic has generously equipped Dr Dean Miller with the latest Lumix DMC-GH3 and the AG-HPX250EN. The DMC-GH3 is the perfect camera to take super high quality stills and video, and is small and lightweight – yet powerful enough to provide the most stunning results in the harshest conditions imaginable.

“This expedition in Greenland will see us exploring some of the more remote and hostile environments in the Arctic. The DMC-GH3 is the perfect tool to make we sure we can document as much of the expedition as possible. It is small enough that it can be carried everywhere we go, tough and reliable, and produces images and video at such a high quality that it clearly rivals all other cameras in it class. The photos are simply stunning and the huge range of video options make this a camera that will suit any adventurer’s needs. Even though it’s rated to 0 degrees Celsius, it is operating flawlessly in -25. This is one tough and powerful unit with every feature you could want in a camera right at your fingertips,” Dr Dean Miller said.

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