Supercharge your TV’s speakers with cinema-style sound

If you are looking for a richer bass sound to add extra ‘oomph’ to your TV speakers, adding external speakers is a great way to bring the cinema-style audio into your living room. Whether you are looking to install a complete home theatre system or a more streamlined soundbar, Panasonic can help you recreate the cinema experience at home with our impressive range of surround sound speakers.

ALL70T is all-round audio superstar

This beautifully designed slim-line soundbar incorporates three integrated speakers and a separate wireless subwoofer to play films and music with incredible power and clarity. What’s more, because it’s a networked speaker it can share music or the audio from your TV with other ALL Connected speakers all around your home, and it can become a full 5.1ch surround sound system by adding two wireless ALL2 speakers for rear channel duties.

SC-ALL70T Soundbar

HTB485 sets your TV’s audio free

The speakers in our HTB485 soundbar and subwoofer have been shaped to provide beautifully balanced audio that produces a stunningly rich and rounded soundstage. You’ll also love using its Bluetooth connectivity to stream tunes from your mobile or tablet.

SC-HTB485 Soundbar

HTB18 delivers cinema-style audio

Experience true-to-life cinema sound quality with this stylish, wall mountable soundbar accompanied by a powerful down-firing subwoofer. The HTB18 offers 2.1-channel audio and Bluetooth compatibility so you can listen to your favourite music or podcasts with the press of a button.

SC-HTB18 Soundbar

BTTB785 is your complete home theatre

The premium BTT785 Blu-ray disc home theatre boasts the highest sound and picture quality, smart functionality and a sophisticated, stylish design. Five high-quality speakers and a bass-reflex subwoofer provide 5.1ch rich surround sound, and the system is also equipped with a wide range of smart features and Bluetooth streaming from your mobile or tablet device.

SC-BTT785 Home Theatre System
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