Smart VIERA’s “my Home Screen” is all about you

Personalise your television and internet content.


How well does your best friend know you? For instance, if pressed, could they name your favourite TV show, your favourite websites, your preferred viewing time, your optimum brightness level, or the volume level you are comfortable with?

Well thanks to the latest in Panasonic technology, Smart VIERA’s will know all this and more. It’s a feature called “my Home Screen”*1 and it will change the way you experience TV forever.

Walk into the lounge room and “my Home Screen” will recognise your face and automatically give you instant access to all your favourite content. You’ll find the intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to switch between all the things you love – from your favourite TV shows, applications, entertainment. And because up to four people can each have their own personalised Home Screen, you’ll never have to sift through somebody else’s favourites to find the content you want – right when you want it.*2

You could even say that “my Home Screen” knows you better than your best friend. But don’t tell your best friend this, because it might not go down well. 

Watch more about “my Home Screen”

Discover how easy it is to personalise your content in this short video.

*1 my Home Screen available with VIERA models VT60, WT60, DT60, ET60, E6 and ST60.

*2 Advanced my Home Screen available with VIERA models VT60, WT60 with inbuilt camera and DT60 when accessory TY-CC20W is purchased with the model.