Small, smart and simple


If your kitchen appliances are becoming too complicated and you crave a little simplicity, you can’t go past either one of these new microwaves. The compact 20L NN-ST253W will fit in any kitchen space and won’t complicate your life. It features nine auto cook menus with variable power levels so all you have to do is enter the food category and weight and your meal will be automatically cooked to perfection in a flash.

Moving up the scale slightly is the mid-sized 32L NN-ST663W, it boasts 14 one-touch sensor cooking categories and a one-touch sensor reheat function, this microwave is incredibly easy to use and will have your food ready in a flash. What’s more, it offers Inverter cooking technology to deliver more evenly cooked food, through graduated power sequences. This accurate cooking control preserves texture and flavour, in addition to preventing food spillover, burnt edges and uneven cooking.

Find out more about the NN-ST253W. 

Find out more about the NN-ST663W.