Pets behaving badly – busted on hidden cameras

Do you ever look at your pets and wonder what they do all day when you aren’t at home? Sure, they might seem happy to see you (go to the food cupboard) but those innocent little faces could be hiding some incredibly naughty home-alone antics. Of course, you could always set up home monitoring cameras and catch them in the act! Maybe your fur babies are as naughty as these ones…

Bed Party


Even the most obedient dog can’t wait to roll around on the bed and annoy the cat into the bargain!

Wicked Kitty


What’s that smell? Oh just a super-uncool cat using home-alone time to add something nasty to the wall.

Food Thief


Human food/dog food, it’s all the same to some sneaky dogs when they think nobody is watching.

Houdini Puss


Then there are the clever Houdini felines, who refuse to let a closed door stand between them and freedom.

Piano Dog


Maybe all dogs are secretly musical prodigies, waiting until their humans leave to croon and tickle the ivories?

Cat Burglar


And the greatest mystery of all can be solved with a hidden camera. All those missing socks are really being stolen by cat burglars.

Panasonic Connected Home Monitoring System

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