Panasonic’s first refrigerator launched in 1953

Panasonic introduced its first electric refrigerator, the NR-351, in 1953 in a jointly funded venture with Nakagawa Electric Company, which was later renamed the Matsushita Refrigeration Company.

The refrigeration mechanism employed a new, closed-type, compact compressor requiring high-level production processes, high-precision machining processes, and carefully selected material specifications.

Panasonic 100 Years │ 1st Refrigerator 1953

The first Panasonic refrigerator launched in 1953 and it quickly became a symbol of the ideal lifestyle. Today, the fridge is the heart of the kitchen & our latest range focuses on healthy living, energy-savings, and seamless modern designs #Panasonic100years

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Large in size and affixed with the ‘crown’ logo in the top center of the door, the first high-priced model was well-received by wealthier households that could afford it but clearly it was not a mass-market product. Prices dropped and the market grew after construction of a new production facility so that by November 1960, Matsushita Refrigeration Company had produced 230,000 refrigerators and succeeded in elevating this appliance to a symbol of the ideal lifestyle where all families could enjoy fresh produce and delicious food.

Eating a wider variety of foods than ever before in the 1970s, over 90% of households in Japan came to own a refrigerator. Even after refrigerators became a part of daily life, these continued to evolve. Perfect temperature control for perishable foods was what people were looking for. In support of the growing food culture and its new needs, Panasonic introduced a range of innovations such as separate freezer doors, partial freezing compartments to keep perishable foods fresher for longer, Inverter technology, ECONAVI smart sensors and so much more.

Today, the refrigerator is the heart of your kitchen. It has to be stylish, eco savvy and reliable but most importantly, keep your family’s food fresh. Panasonic fridges continue to tick all these boxes and we continually move forward with our quest to incorporate new technologies designed to make your life easier.

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