Panasonic sends the ‘70s 5000 years into the future

Panasonic Time CapsulePanasonic-Flashback-Time-Capsule-BlogIf you think of the ‘70s now, you probably think of cheesy TV sitcoms, flared jeans, disco music and a powerful change in social consciousness. But what will people think of the ‘70s in 5000 years? This was a questioned pondered back in 1968 by Panasonic and The Mainichi Newspapers, and they decided to collaborate on a joint time capsule project in celebration of the Japan World Exposition 1970: Expo ’70.

Two identical time capsules were buried next to Osaka Castle with one to remain buried for 5000 years. The other was first opened in 2000 and is scheduled to be opened every hundred years so that the contents can be examined and the latest preservation techniques can be employed.

2098 items have been included in this ‘message to the future’ project, chosen by scientists, engineers, and historians to reflect life in the 1970s. The eclectic contents represent natural science, social science and the arts, and cover everything from electronics, to recorded performances, false teeth, a glass eye, insects encased in resin, an origami instruction book, handcuffs and even counterfeit money.

What will the people of the future think of this colossal message in a bottle? Hopefully they can learn something important from this snapshot in time about what kind of people we were and benefit from this vivid picture of life, with a complete understanding of our best and worst aspects, our triumphs and our tragedies.


Check out the Time Capsule Expo’70.
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Technics SL-1200, the ‘King of Turntables’.
Flashing back to the very first National TV set – and the first ever rectangular CRT.
In the northern summer of 1976, National sings out with ABBA