Panasonic residential energy storage chosen for ‘game-changing’ pilot

Minister Simon Corbell and ActewAGL General Manager Retail Ayesha Razzaq...

ActewAGL energy retailer and Panasonic Australia will play a leading role in the emerging energy storage market following the announcement that ActewAGL has been selected to participate in the ACT Government’s Next Generation Energy Storage Pilot. The project will see up to 200 Canberra residents benefiting from subsidised energy storage solutions, with ActewAGL installing Panasonic battery technology in solar-fitted homes.

Panasonic residential battery technology stores excess electricity generated during the day by solar panels to provide a reliable, efficient base load for solar-installed households during peak periods. A fully charged -Panasonic’s lithium-ion storage battery produces a two kilowatt output for up to four hours.

ActewAGL General Manager Retail Ayesha Razzaq congratulated the ACT Government on driving the take up of these emerging technologies. “This really will be a game-changer for household energy usage in the ACT” she said. “The program will drive awareness of the technology and provides customers with yet another way to take control of their energy usage”.

“ActewAGL has a proven track record and is at the forefront of implementing progressive energy initiatives in the ACT, and we’re excited that this partnership will ensure that we will continue to play a lead role in helping Canberrans take advantage of emerging technology.”

“With the ACT Government subsidy, customers can add a battery to an ActewAGL solar system starting from $4,990. From there, a typical Canberra household could save over 60% on their electricity bill”.

For more information about ActewAGL’s energy storage opportunities please visit http://www.actewagl.com.au/BatteryStorage.

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