Panasonic ES-LT2N Rechargeable Shaver


The Panasonic ES-LT2N rechargeable wet/dry 3-blade shaver combines cutting edge technology to give you a shave that is clean, close and ultra-smooth. The multi-flexible 3D pivot head maintains close contact with your skin to gently but effectively shave every contour of your face, neck and jawline with its 30° angled nano polished blades. Clever sensor technology detects your beard density and automatically adjusts motor speed for optimum results, while the premium 13,000cpm linear motor maintains continuous power right to the end of every battery charge.

Multi-Flex 3D Head


A multi-flex 3D head conforms closely to facial contours. This design uses a newly developed suspension mechanism that allows for multi-dimensional movement of the shaver (from back to forth; left and right; up and down), while maintaining close contact with your skin to gently but effectively shave every contour of your face, neck and jawline.

30° Sharp Blades


The multi-blade precision system cuts through facial hair gently and comfortably for incredibly close results. The ultra-thin nano polished inner blades are forged from premium stainless steel and each is precisely honed to a 30° angle for optimal sharpness to cut whiskers at the root, while the contoured outer foils instantly capture, hold and cut the different types of facial hair for smooth and even results.

Sensor & Power Motor


Clever sensor technology and a high-speed linear motor combine to give you an even, consistent shave. The advanced sensors automatically “feel” differences in beard density along the cheeks, jaw and neck. As the shaver moves across the face, power flow is continually adjusted to accelerate where the beard is thickest, and soften where it’s not. Driven by a quiet 13,000cpm linear motor, the ES-LT2N delivers the evenly distributed power you need for fast, effective shaving. As battery power is used, this high-performance motor maintains continuous peak performance to the end of every battery charge.

ES-LT2N Shaver

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