Panasonic Australia Launches Clean Air Initiative with Hub Australia

In early 2022, millions of Australians continued to adapt to the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic – in the way we live, the way we interact with one another and the way we work. In our professional lives, the pandemic undoubtedly accelerated the trend towards flexibility and highlighted the value of workplaces as an environment for people to collaborate, learn and socialise.

Many believe that the silver lining from the pandemic is the unshackling of ‘work from place’, with employees demonstrating an ability to be productive while working from a range of locations outside of the “corporate HQ”.

However, the need for human interaction has remained important for many industries. Companies have embraced new and innovative ways to create safe in-person working spaces, effective hygiene practices and ‘clean air’ in their physical environments.

Combating a myriad airborne and surface-present pollutants, bacteria and allergens that could cause harm is no easy feat, especially during a pandemic. Adding to this challenge was the growing pressure on companies to cater to the agile working needs of their people, customers and clients as workers adjust to the new normal of a hybrid working environment.

The current environment and the shared experience of all Australians over the past two years have sharpened our awareness of indoor air quality, health and hygiene.

The insights are enlightening. Research commissioned in late 2021 by Panasonic Australia into Australians’ knowledge of air consumption and indoor pollutants, found that one in three Australians aged 20 years and older were more concerned about air quality compared to 18 months ago.

In the workplace, this concern was also profound. Fifty-seven per cent of Australians were concerned about air quality in the office, and it was an important consideration for business leaders in preparing for the return to the workplace once again.

To drive awareness of the importance of air quality and help organisations facilitate a safer and more hygienic way for workers to return to the office, Panasonic Australia partnered with leading premium flex space provider, Hub Australia to launch a “Clean Air” initiative.

Promoting overall health and wellbeing, the focus of the partnership was to demonstrate the benefits of superior air quality for mental alertness and focus to more than 5,000 Hub Australia members, their staff and guests across the country.

Turning to Panasonic’s innovative nanoe™ X technology – and the recent Australian launch of Panasonic’s Portable nanoe™ X Generator – Hub Australia installed 240 units across its national network of 11 workspaces, to ensure optimal air quality in its physical environments.

Chief Executive Officer of Hub Australia, Brad Krauskopf said the partnership with Panasonic Australia delivers greater comfort and peace of mind to Hub Australia’s customers so that their members and staff can return to a safer and cleaner office environment.

“At Hub, we are strongly committed to creating healthy and clean shared workspaces that promote overall health and wellbeing. We’re proud to partner with Panasonic to bring the benefits of superior air quality to our customers, their staff and guests, by distributing several hundred Portable nanoe™ X Generators as an additional measure to ensure optimal air quality in and around our workspaces,” Brad Krauskopf, Hub Australia CEO.

Hub Australia Member and Founder and Director at The Gapp Group, Mary Van Lambaart said:

“We work with some of the most vulnerable people in our community including those that are living (or have lived experience) with mental disruption or are trying to support people who might be developing a mental illness.”

“The biggest issue for our people is the fear of COVID-19 and air quality. It is a win-win to have a space in our office that integrates the Portable nanoe™ X Generators. It allows us to inform our guests that they have an added layer of security and comfort when we sit and talk about mental health.”

Panasonic’s nanoe™ X Air Purification technology is also integrated into air conditioning solutions for commercial and residential buildings, offering options for all Australians to enjoy the benefits of better indoor air quality at work or home.