Panasonic and Lochie Daddo are a perfect match


Lochie Daddo has been a familiar face on Australian TV screens for over 20 years, beaming into our living rooms from every major network as an actor, reporter and presenter. This passion to tell stories is coupled with an easy charm that has made Daddo a firm Aussie favourite. If it sounds like we are a little bit in love with Lochie Daddo here at Panasonic, that’s because we are! We’ve been working with the entertainer to create informative videos across our varied range of products and we are so happy with the results that we want to share some of recent highlights.

Connected Home Monitoring System

You love your home and everything in it but you can’t always be there to keep your treasures safe. Thank goodness Lochie is here to demonstrate the security and peace-of-mind offered by our connected home monitoring system.

AllPlay Multi-room Wireless Hi-Fi Speaker System

Let Lochie show you how Panasonic’s new AllPlay speakers can stream all your music in every room from a variety of different sources.

Welcome to a world beyond Smart TV with our new Life+ Screen range of VIERA TVs

Lochie explains how our new state-of-the art TVs can detect which viewer is in the room, recommend content based on their personal preferences and viewing habits, and even offer features that let you take your favourite shows out of the house.

Panasonic’s Award-winning Air Conditioner Range

Whether you are chasing a ducted system for your whole house or a split system, Panasonic has the perfect air conditioning solution for your home, Lochie shows you how to make the right choice.

Watch more videos from Panasonic Australia: http://www.youtube.com/user/PanasonicAustralia.