Panasonic Air Conditioning – Inverter Technology

Fifth in Air Conditioning Webisode Series Explains ‘Inverter Technology’

Panasonics revolutionary ‘Inverter Technology’, which is present in all Panasonic air conditioner models, significantly reduces electricity bills while also helping to maintain a constant temperature in your home throughout the day. The Inverter technology helps the air conditioning unit reach the desired temperature faster than other units, and is constantly on to decrease energy wastage.


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The next in the series of webisodes will focus on ‘Installation’

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  • Panasonic Air Conditioning is really worth of appreciation as it is a real true stylish brand standing out in the market. Panasonic – the real sonic service provider….:)

  • The sad story of Panasonic’s inability to service its air conditioners in regional Australia.

    I don’t know what it is like further south of Tully or Misson Beach in FNQ.

    But let me tell you the service for Panasonic Air conditioners in this region is a disgrace and does nothing for this brand.

    I first contacted Panasonic by email on the 1/11/2011 when my 2 year old Panasonic air conditioner failed to operate.

    I was told two days later to contact the local Tully Electrics, as they are the Panasonic agents for servicing and repairing their appliances in this region.

    The snag here is, this agent will not and does not service or repair appliances not purchased at his store. My air conditioners were bought at another store just up the road.

    Panasonic then had to find someone else who was prepared to look at my broken air conditioner. It appears this special effort was being made as a favour to me!

    On the 11/11/2011 two technicians (Fugitsu Agents,one was an apprentice! who did most of the work) came and discovered three small geckos dead on or near the circuit boards. (The circuit boards one or both are stuffed) and this is not covered by Panasonic warranty. I was told by the technician if the boards are wiped clean sometimes the air conditioner may work again. I do not know if this was done.

    I rang Panasonic and was then told to ring a supplier of spare parts on the Gold Coast.

    At the Gold Coast # I was then told to ring a supplier in Brisbane.

    The spare parts will cost me $137.95 for one circuit board and $123.83 for the other circuit board plus $18.00 for delivery. The total for this is $279.78. The supplier will get these parts in seven days and then forward them on to me.

    There is another problem created here, because I may not need the two boards but it is better to cover both bases, is it not?
    If there was a proper and experienced Panasonic service man attending this broken air conditioner the expenditure and the angst must surely be reduced.

    The service men (Fugitsu Agents) that came yesterday have not put the cover back on properly!

    I have been told this company are not keen to return and install the new parts. Mr. Smith has suggested I get an electrician to install the new parts!
    I have to find an electrician that will come and do the job.

    21/11/2011 I have been told by Mrs Smith at 730 AM to get an electrician. The Smith workers a flat-chat and will not be in the area for 1 week and there is no telling when they will be able to come here

    This action will null and void the warranty, whats left of it.

    21/11/2011430pm on phone for 40 minutes spoke to Jac He says he will get back to me in the Am

    So what is one to think of Panasonic and it backup services? Not Much.

  • Hi Robyn,

    We’re sorry to hear about the troubles you’re having with your air conditioner. Unfortunately the damage to your air conditioner is not covered under warranty. We understand that your experience was a frustrating one, we have taken your comments on board and are investigating how we can deliver greater support to regional areas.

    Please call us on 132 600 to discuss this further.

    Team Panasonic

  • My Panasonic airconditioner has a model number CS-A128BKP. Can you tell me how many kW this is please?

  • Hi Rachel, happy to help! Your CS-A128BKP’s heating capacity is 8.4KW and the cooling capacity is 8KW.

  • Just moved into a rental with a CS-E24HKR inverter air conditioner. It appears to work OK except when turned off using remote control, inside unit shuts down, but fan runs continuously in outdoor unit.
    Have I done something wrong with remote control which is causing this, or is there a fault?

    I have been, turning off with remote, then going outside to turn Power Supply switch off.

  • Hi Kym, sounds like a fault with your air con. Please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will log a service call for you.

  • Hi we have a Panasonic inverter air con.
    The remote does not work and it appears to need batteries. My question even though it is a dumb one, is where do you open the remote to put batteries in?
    Where can I find a diagram of the remote?

  • Hi we have a Panasonic inverter a/con and just wondering are they pretty safe to leave running all the time can they catch fire? or would the circuit just break?

  • Hi Michelle, if the unit has been correctly installed as per the recommendations and regular maintenance is carried out on the unit, you should have no issues running the unit regularly.

  • Hello,
    I have a Panasonic CU E24 HKR which was installed
    10/08 in that time I would say that it has not been
    over used. but today after switching of the out side
    compressor has started to hum as if the motor was
    jammed I have switched this of at the main switch,
    is this a big problem or what.
    would appreciate you advice.

  • Hi Gerry, please give our Customer Service team a call on 132600 and they will be able to book a service call for you.

  • Hi guys I an chasing a powerboard for an outside unit model number CU-E28GKR. How do I get one asap and what is the cost. Thanks Craig

  • I have had an air conditioning company come out to service our Panasonic air conditioner which is now 12 months out of warranty period – we have been quoted an amount that includes replacement circuit boards for inside and outside but I am unsure what the cost of labour is versus parts and whether we should go with panasonic directly

  • Hi Michelle, we would recommend contacting the company and asking for a break down in what the parts cost is and what the labour charge is. You have every right to request this information on an itemised job report. If you wish to use one of our authorised repair centres please contact our customer service team on 132600 and they will be able to provide you with someone local to you.

  • An inverter system not switching between warm and cold. The wall unit only blowing warm air and the compressor blowing cold air. Sounds like it is stuck on warm. Have turned both items off and replaced batteries without any change, switched between modes without success. Any clues please. Even reset to default without any difference. Thanks Mark

  • Why is the fan of my Panasonic Inverter split type airconditinng unit always turning on/off? I just set the temp. to 24deg C and while I feel that it hasn’t reached the desired temp, the fan is already shutting off then on again after about 30 secs. Is this normal?

  • Hi Alvin, change the fan mode to high/medium/low speed. If the fan is on Auto it will stop when the room gets to temperature. For further support please call 132600 and one of our agents will be happy to help.

  • How do I switch my panasonic inverter unit off if remote is broken? I cannot find a main switch on the unit to turn off? Please assist asap. Thank you!

  • Hi I have a CSE24GKR a/c I have lived in my house 2.5 years are barely used it. When switched on it is fine and then stops and timer starts blinking. I have read I need to hold check but this isn’t working

  • Hi Tenille, So sorry to hear you are having an issue with your aircon. Press down the check button for 5 seconds then using the up or down arrow scroll through the listed error codes – the unit will beep on the code it is experiencing. Jot this down and call 132600 for assistance. MCB

  • I have econonavi inverter split, 7 months old. When I have the Heat on it blows patches of cold air, the room only heats in random areas and the fan blows cold air on us. I have read instruction manual, cleaned filters and tried everything, am about to rip the stupid thing out of the wall, this system is useless!!!!

  • Hi Cheryl, Sorry to hear the your AC is not working the way you would like! This could be to do with adjusting the settings or getting a service. We can troubleshoot this with you directly if you call 132600. MCB