Our new TZ70 travel camera is winning over the critics

The latest model in our acclaimed LUMIX TZ Series travel camera range is already raking in glowing reviews and recommendations. Designed to document your adventures in exceptional detail even in low light, the compact DMC-TZ70 offers a sensational 30x zoom, a new high resolution viewfinder and a high-sensitivity large pixel sensor that is perfect for low-light shots.

Added to this are outstanding features such as a manual control ring for greater creative freedom, some very cool WiFi improvements and a lightweight travel-friendly body – it’s easy to see why the TZ70 impresses the critics!


“It might be a subtle advance over the TZ60 of last year, but with viewfinder advances and a bulging feature set, it’s hard to ignore the Lumix TZ70 for all the things it does so well.” Pocket-lint, 4.5 stars out of 5, Recommended


“It’s really nice to see a viewfinder on a compact camera, as that is pretty rare these days – Panasonic is the only manufacturer to offer such a thing on a camera with such a large zoom range. It’s very useful to have it when you’re shooting in very bright and sunny conditions, which given its target audience is holidaying photographers, is likely to be reasonably often (if you’re lucky!).” Photography Blog, 4.5 stars out of 5, Highly Recommended


“This is a fantastic pocket camera for those who like to travel, and it’s probably the combination of a huge zoom range with manual control and raw format shooting that makes it so appealing, especially to those who have a more advanced camera that they would use most of the rest of the time. It remains great to see an electronic viewfinder on a compact camera and it really comes in useful on very bright sunny days – which is especially useful for a travel oriented camera.” Techradar, 4.5 stars out of 5


“Panasonic has always taken the high-ground with its flagship travel-zoom, and it’s a trend that’s continued with the latest Lumix TZ70. Despite sharing a great deal with its predecessor and actually losing one major feature, Panasonic has made a number of improvements that genuinely enhance the over experience. It’s also testament to how far ahead last year’s TZ70 was from the competition that much the same feature-set still impresses today.” Cameralabs, Overall 87%, Highly Recommended

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