Let your Lumix imagination run wild with Stop Motion and Time Lapse technology

If you have been using your GX7 just to take pictures and movies in real time, you are probably having a lot of fun. But did you know that you could also be bending reality? With awesome features that allow you to shoot stop motion and time lapse films, there is really no limit to the kind of trippy, kooky, hilarious or spooky features you could be creating.


Stop Motion Animation

Once the domain of too-cool-for-school cartoon features like the Oscar-winning Harvie Krumpet, Stop Motion Animation is now really accessible thanks to the GX7*1. Stop Motion allows you to make an object appear to move on its own and can be used to great effect, using items like toys, Lego, plasticine figures or even drawings (if you have great art skills), and you can go for something simple or truly elaborated. All you need to do is set your scene, move it by degrees to create the desired action and set the GX7 to take still images throughout (you can do this manually or automatically). Normally, this is where it would get tricky with computer transfers, fancy software and editing suites. But all you have to do now is instruct the camera to assemble the frames into a video file at your chosen quality setting and frame rate and in a flash you will have your Stop Motion film ready to view!

*1 Stop Motion Animation is available on GX7, GM1, G6 and GF6.

Time Lapse

Where Stop Motion seeks to manipulate a scene to create a special effect, Time Lapse sequences are created by taking photographs of a live surrounding at regular intervals and then combining them into one continuous film. Historically this has been a complicated process best left to the pros, but the GX7*2 makes this as easy as pressing a button. You can use this to create really beautiful scenes showing cloud formations, the movements of boats on a harbour or a flower unfurling simply by setting the camera on a stable platform, choosing the shooting interval and letting the Time Lapse feature do the rest.

*2 Time Lapse available on GX7, GM1 and G6



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