Insider Insights: It’s A Great Little Camera – the Panasonic TA20

Insider Insights

Over the last couple of weeks, fifteen Insiders from across Australia were provided with a Panasonic TA20 to give the camera a thorough workout and share their experience and thoughts with the rest of the Crew. So what can this shock-surviving, water-proof HD camera do in the real world? Check out Nick Bell’s review below.

I’m lucky enough to be one of those chosen to test this great little camera – the TA20.

On opening the box, 2 things struck me before using the camera. Firstly, the simplicity of the product (in a good way); just the camera, USB cable, strap (including stylus pen) & tripod stand. Secondly, it looks really cool; about the size of a smart phone, robust and the bright colour making it look fun before you even turn it on (I was sent an orange model).

In true “bloke” fashion, I didn’t bother with the manual to begin with and simply turned on the camera and checked out the functions. With very few moving parts/buttons, this is a very easy product to get the hang of. Navigating the menus, I occasionally pressed the wrong area, but soon realised that the stylus pen is built onto the strap which is handy and was more accurate. The screen is nice and big. However, when composing pictures/videos, not all of the viewing area is taken up as your actual viewfinder. This didn’t bother me too much as during playback of photos/videos you get the use of the whole screen.

The one-button operation for taking photos and video couldn’t be easier, as are the menu settings. I’ll look forward to playing with some of these as I use the camera more. Not to mention the ability to use it in water, at the beach, etc.

So, in summary, my top 5 features so far for this tough mobile camera would be:

1.     Waterproof / Shockproof. Even though I’ve not tested this out yet, will be great fun!

2.     Simplicity. Suitable for novice camera users & kids, but will not disappoint more serious photographers due to the high resolution.

3.     Great look & feel. Fun colours and it fits in your hand or pocket nicely as well as feeling robust.

4.     Quality of Videos / Photos. Even with a relatively small lens, the video in particular looks very sharp.

5.     Large LCD screen. Good for viewing back your photos/videos before uploading them to PC.

I’ve posted a couple of videos to be going on with. Hopefully get to test the TA20 in and around water before my next post.

By Nick Bell, A Panasonic Insider Crew Member