This incredible 4K Ultra HD VIERA is the TV of your dreams

Our VIERA DX900 4K Pro Ultra HD Premium LED LCD TV has been fine-tuned by Hollywood Labs to reproduce the filmmaker’s vision, redefining what we think of as ‘immersive picture quality’. Images are even more enhanced by High Dynamic Range (HDR) Premium, where contrast ratio and colour accuracy have both been expanded to produce a level of reality never before possible on television screens. Exceptional smart TV features and an elegantly designed frame and pedestal complete the package to make this a standout choice for your TV and recorder bundle.



The renowned THX quality assurance group was founded by legendary filmmaker George Lucas with the goal of improving the entertainment experience in the cinema and at home, and only televisions that pass 400 THX lab tests within 30 testing categories receive THX 4K Display certification. This is a recognition of picture quality and accuracy that few TVs achieve and it means the THX-certified VIERA DX900 meets the most rigorous performance standards and offers uncompromising picture quality.



Panasonic’s VIERA 4K Pro TVs are designed from the bottom up and tuned in Hollywood Labs to deliver picture quality accurate to the filmmaker’s original vision. Equipped with professional-grade processors and super bright cinema display panels, VIERA 4K Pro TVs offer incredibly accurate pictures that provide all of the stunning cinematic spectacle they contained at the moment they were originally filmed. With the VIERA DX900, 4K Pro brings together cutting edge LED LCD panel technology and powerful picture processing to create the most realistic TV pictures ever seen.

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Premium expands contrast ratio and colour accuracy to give images more depth to show more shades so that true colour is depicted on the screen as it is in real life. Content on the HDR-enabled VIERA DX900 delivers images much closer to the way your eyes see the real world. Deep blacks are combined with very bright highlights to produce a level of reality not previously possible on a television, and this technology is further amplified by the VIERA DX900’s industry-leading bright screen.

Hear it straight from the Director: VIERA HDR behind the scenes with award-winning cinematographer.



The VIERA DX900 is powered by Firefox OS, making its smart TV features easy to use and enjoy. Thanks to the intuitive and customisable Firefox OS TV home screen, you can quickly access favourite TV channels, apps like Netflix, videos, websites and content through the TV home screen. The best part is that Firefox OS can also be personalised by pinning your favourite apps or content to the TV home screen. The Firefox OS home screen even features an Info Frame that combines everything from local weather reports to recommended TV shows, TV listings and your favourite websites, all in one place.



With TV Anytime and the Panasonic Media Centre App, you can access content on your VIERA DX900 from another room or another country! Using your smartphone or tablet, you can set programs for timer recording, watch programs you’ve already recorded, and even watch live programs being received by your VIERA.

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The VIERA DX900’s Twin HD Tuner feature opens up a whole new range of viewing options. You can enjoy picture-in-picture to watch two different programs on the same screen, record one program while watching another, or watch one program while streaming another to your smartphone or tablet to take with you anywhere in the house, via the TV Anytime feature.

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By drawing on input from Europe’s top furniture companies, architects and designers, the VIERA DX900 verges on being a work of art in its own right. Taking inspiration from interior design, premium materials have been used to create an elegant frame and pedestal that will bring added glamour to even the most stylish home and enhance the beautiful picture quality onscreen.

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