Here Come The Wii-nners!

In order to celebrate Panasonic giving a bonus Wii with selected Full HD Viera Plasma TVs this month we decided to spread the joy further by awarding Wii’s online through daily challenges.

The Bonus Wii Challenge kicked off 29th June. Each weekday a Challenge is announced on Panasonic’s Twitter page and alerts sent out from our Facebook page at 9am. Every challenge is different, takes place across different social networks and has a Wii up for grabs.

To get involved simply follow Panasonic on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Our Winners So Far

Challenge 1: What is your hidden talent? Best answer wins.

Michael, Perth (Facebook)

I have the amazing hidden talent of being able to play the recorder with my nose. Ladies!!!

Trent, Sydney (Twitter)

@PanasonicAU Can work all 5 remotes with my eyes closed #bonuswii

Challenge 2: What is the worst Secret Santa present you’ve received?

Andrew, Thurgoona (Twitter)

@PanasonicAU #bonuswii Monkey my coworker gave me for SS http://twitpic.com/8u6hl

@PanasonicAU #bonuswii The Green Lantern stuff my sister as family secret santa got me for last xmas http://twitpic.com/8u6jq

@PanasonicAU #bonuswii Remembering a) I’m not into GL, b) all sourced cheap off ebay, c) I didn’t get anything else at all.

@PanasonicAU and a) that is a cig case and I don’t smoke, b) the watch arrived broken, c) the ring is plastic and I’m a grown man. #bonuswii

Challenge 3: Write the best Anagram for “Panasonic Viera Bonus Wii”

Felix, QLD (Twitter)

@PanasonicAu I win bacon via persuasion #bonuswii

Challenge 4: Four words that describe technology in the 21st Century.

Amanda, NSW (Twitter)

@PanasonicAu Integrated, innovative, inspirational, individualised #bonuswii

Challenge 5: Post the best caption for this picture

Challenge 5: Best Caption Caroline (Facebook)

“The dog said if I breathed in I could”

Challenge 6: If VIERA was an acronym what would you have it stand for?

Alastair, Brisbane (Twitter)

@PanasonicAu VIERA = Vision Inspired, Entertainment-Ready, Art #bonuswii

Challenge 7: Fit the most amount of words in a single Tweet (no abbreviations, repetition only count once, must have spaces)

Kylie, NSW (Twitter)

@PanasonicAu a ad aim am an arm as at be boy but by car dad do fan fun go hi I if is it lay me mum my of on say sin so to up us we #bonuswii

Challenge 8: Describe what occured between these two photos that brought about the change in Alfred the dog’s behaviour.

Alfred lying downAlfred Ears

Ian, SA (Facebook)

The calm before the storm – “What do you mean I’m getting neutered?!”

Challenge 9: TVs have evoled dramatically over the last decade. How do you envisage TV technology in 10 years time?

Adele, QLD (Facebook)

Voice activated and totally interactive with being able to participate with 3D characters to define the outcome of the show and with the news being able to select what news stories you want to be able to watch and delete the rest.

Challenge 10: Create your Panasonic Name: Your First pet + Your First Car & Sonic. i.e. Fluffy Falconsonic.

Pat, QLD (Twitter)

@PanasonicAu #bonuswii Red RoverSonic

Challenge 11: Use your creativity to finish this sentence – “The door swung wide open…”

Edward, QLD (Twitter)

@PanasonicAu The door swung wide open. Thank God. I’d been stuck in that fridge for weeks! #bonuswii

Challenge 12: Nominate something that you personally consider ‘genius’.

Adam, NSW (Twitter)

@PanasonicAu That 40 years ago humans first walked on the moon using less computer power than what a Panasonic Viera Plasma TV has. #bonuswii

Challenge 13: ‘If you could tweet back time’. What tweet would you take back if you could?

Anna, Melbourne (Twitter)

@PanasonicAu Admitting that I cry during EastEnders. It was my dirty little secret – not anymore! #bonuswii

Challenge 14: Create your dream TV and post it on our Facebook wall. It could be a photo, a drawing or an image, up to you!

Alana, Sydney (Facebook)

Challenge14:Dream TV

— From here on the Bonus Wii competition awards a 1st and 2nd prize, each receiving a Wii —

Challenge 15: Everybody has had that one really awkward photo – share yours with us and the best one wins.

1st: Alice, QLD (Facebook)

Challenge15: most awkward photo 1st prize

2nd: Sheridan, WA (Facebook)

Challenge15: Most awkward photo 2nd prize

Challenge 16: Create the Panasonic Australia avatar

1st: Janice, NSW (Facebook)

Panasonic Avatar 1st

2nd: Carol, VIC (Facebook)

Panasonic Avatar 2nd

Challenge 17: Name the winning Panasonic Avatar

1st: Christine, NSW (Facebook)

PanAlbert – with that mo he’s a dead ringer for Albert Einstein

2nd: Michael, NSW (Facebook)


Challenge 18: Which cartoon character should PanAlbert, the Panasonic Avatar, date and why?

1st Lisa, SA (Facebook)


EVE from WALL-E…. Looking for a man who loves technology, LEGS optional…..

2nd: Anne, QLD (Twitter)


Tinkerbell and Panalbert, aren’t they a gorgeous couple? They’re both smart and cute!

Challenge 19: Create an avatar that looks like you, the most accurate win a Wii

1st: Steve, NSW (Twitter)


2nd: Zoie, QLD (Facebook)


Challenge 20: Create your own homemade Wii Console and sent us a photo

1st: Kelly, WA (Twitter)


2nd: Bronwyn, VIC (Facebook)

Challenge 21: Make your Twitter/Facebook profile photo as futuristic as possible

1st: Daniel, VIC (Facebook)


This is actually me!

2nd: Brad, VIC (Twitter/Facebook)

futureprofile_brad Just though it take a photo with my sweet Delorean, after traveling to the future to fight in the way against Skynet… only to find out I am a Terminator myself 😛

Oh and Edward Scissorhands??
pffffttt…. Bradley USBfingers is clearly the superior technology hybrid of the future.

…funny thing is id almost consider loosing on of my fingers to actually replace it with an artificial replica containing a retractable USB key… at least id be able to find it for once!!



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  • I received my Wii. Thank you! 🙂 And Thanks for a fun and very well run competition.

    Congrats to all winners!