Get a jump on the summer air con rush

If our mild winter and early spring are anything to go by, we are going to be in for a long, hot summer. Most people only think about air conditioning by the time they are sweltering in the heat but the smart ones are thinking about it right now and come summer, they won’t be the ones moaning about how hot it is on Facebook.


Install a Panasonic air conditioner and you also won’t need to moan about your power bill, as all our models feature Inverter technology for leading energy efficiency. Inverter makes constant adjustments to provide optimum performance at all times. This extremely precise operation enables quick cooling when needed while reducing power consumption compared to conventional non-Inverter units.

Our latest range of air conditioners are available now and offer a wide range of choice to suit your home’s needs.

ECONAVI Reverse Cycle Inverter Air Conditioner

In addition to Inverter technology, the models in this range also feature ECONAVI, a combination of intelligent sensors that work together to reduce energy wastage and save you money on your power bill. They also boast the ultimate in air purifying with nanoe-g and the Mild Dry Cooling features to maintain the level of air moisture in your room and reduce unwanted effects like dry skin, dry mouths and throats.

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