Update: Bonus tough Lumix camera pack with Viera Full HD plasma TV

– This Promotion is now closed –

Latest Update
Due to huge demand exhausting the stock of Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems and DVD recorders there remains only one Bonus HD product for future claims. The remaining bonus HD gift is the tough Lumix camera pack RRP$643, which will work seamlessly with your VIErA Full HD Plasma TV to show HD videos and pictures.

Stocks are limited however so be quick! Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.

The Camera Pack includes:

*DMC-FT1 LUMIX Digital Camera
*RP-SDW04G Class 10 4GB SD Card
*DMW-CFT1-D FT1 Case
The LUMIX Digital Camera and Camera Case are only available in Orange

Camera Features

*28mm wide-angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens with 2.7 Inch LCD Screen: gives you the flexibility for virtually any shooting situation
*12 Mega Pixels & 4.6 x Optical Zoom
*3m Waterproof, 1.5m Shockproof & Dustproof
*High Definition, AVCHD Lite Recording & Viera Link: achieves higher image quality and stores less data than the conventional Motion JPEG
*Intelligent Auto (iA): just set the camera to iA mode, aim and shoot. The camera does the rest, automatically activating seven detection and correction functions, including face recognition
*Pack also includes 4GB Class 10 SDHC Card and Camera Case

To find out more about the great Lumix FT1 visit Lumix.com.au or to see how many are left in the promotion and for all other promotion information visit panasonic.com.au/bonusHD

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We’ve added an extra 8,000 bonus HD gifts to our Christmas promotion.
With more than 20,000 Bonus HD gifts already claimed in just 23 days we’ve been thrilled by your enthusiastic response and have increased the amount of gifts available to meet the demand for the Blu-ray Home Theatre Systems and DVD Recorders.

——-Original Post——
Happy holiday season everyone!

Panasonic is happy to announce the VIErA Bonus HD Promotion. To celebrate the coming festive season we’re offering you the choice of one of three fantastic HD bonus gifts when you purchase any Panasonic VIErA Full HD plasma TV.

Your three HD gift choices are:

  • The Tough Lumix FT1 (RRP $643) – A waterproof, shockproof and dustproof HD digital camera that also shoots HD video
  • The Panasonic HD Blu-ray Home Theatre (RRP $1,099) – Transforming your TV into a home cinema
  • The HD Twin Tuner DVD Recorder (RRP $1,099) – Complete with 250GB HDD that gives you the ability to capture and store all your favorites

We caught up with Matt Pearce, Panasonic Australia’s Product Manager for TV, and he summed up the promotion saying;

“We’re delighted to offer a promotion giving consumers the ultimate choice in premium High Definition products, designed to bring the benefits of HD into every family’s living room this holiday season.”

Watch our new TV commercial for our VIErA Christmas promotion below:

This promotion ends on the 25/12/09 or until the gifts on offer are exhausted – so be quick!

For more information and to see the full terms and conditions visit the website.

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  • Excellent promotion and I aplaud Panasonic HOWEVER what happens to us loyal customers who purchased a Full HD Panasonic Vierra Plasma Tv 2 weeks ago??……nothing I am guessing?….luck of the draw and bad luck?…..so be it however I for one will probably look at other brands in future as my purchase has “basically” cost me a thousand dollars as I purchased an expensive tv and could not afford to get a recorder at the same time, was looking at going back and getting one soon……however now I feel ripped off and will probably just get a Tivo or another brand rather than buy a Panasonic (my original first choice)….sour grapes?….probably but hey…thats how i feel!….

  • Disappointing – I tried to claim my DVD recorder but when I entered the serial number I got a message saying this had already been used and a claim made – what the?? I only purchased the Plasma a few hours ago and had not entered anything previously with this serial number. What’s the go Panasonic? Now I have to call them Monday! Frustrating.

  • Love to buy the 50 g10, but you don’t know if you will be one of the lucky 12,000 to get the bonus?

  • I just bought the new Plasma 50 inch and missed on this offer, and we really needed a new dvd recorder.
    I’m numb ! Can’t believe it.

  • Hi Robert,
    When you buy any Full HD VIErA Plasma TV you get to claim 1 of these 3 HD Bonus gifts. So if you have bought a Full HD VIErA Plasma TV between 24 October and 24 December 2009 then you can lodge your claim to receive your bonus gifts.
    Just make sure you act fast as all claims must be lodged within 21 days of your purchase (15 working days). We’ll do our best to rush your Bonus HD gift to you within 8 weeks of receiving your claim.
    Team Panasonic

  • Well I have a question concerning my claim but have now been on hold for nearly 25 minutes. Are you able to answer my query here? I filled out out all the information required for a claim, recieved a unique claim number but when I went to print the claim form and send it with my receipt it printed Login required. I have received confirmation of my claim via email but I am now not sure what I can send with the receipt to lodge the claim and I am also not sure whether the selection of my redemption offer has been recorded. Please Advise. as I am now up to 28 minutes on hold (do you actually have anyone in your call centres?)



  • Hello Lee,
    Thank you for contacting us and we apologize that you’ve had complications in claiming your bonus gift. Please be assured that we have rectified the issue and if your own claim is still outstanding could you please contact our customer service centre (p.132 600) who will be able to provide you with the right help.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • We bought a 50″ Viera Plasma two weeks ago and would have waited had we known that this offer was coming out.; To add insult to injury we also shelled out for the Panasonic Blu Ray surround sound system for an additional $1495. Come on Panasonic do something for your loyal customers spending plenty on your products. I feel this is a little unfair – but realise promotions run at different times – maybe the sales staff should have told us about this offer. Such is life!!

  • Hi Daniel,
    Eligibility for this promotion is best summed up by the website FAQ question. I’ve included below the relevant sections for you.

    Q: Am I eligible to claim a bonus HD gift if I lease, lay-by, rent or hire-purchase (or similar) a Full HD Plasma TV?
    A: Commercial or business transactions, lay-by’s not paid in full by 24/12/09 and short term rental transaction contracts of less than 24 months are excluded from this offer.

    Hope this helps,
    Team Panasonic

  • Ditto.
    Some kind of on-line error.
    After going to customer services I was on Hold from Hell with all the product advertising from Panasonic for 30+ mins. When finally got a real voice was told log in tomorrow and claim.
    So I did – got all the way to step 7 out of 7 this time then… Bubbow! It came up withthe same error message and told me to ring the customer service number — again! 20+ mins this time where an extremly helpful guy by the name of Andrew took my details and said they would come back to me in 2 days or so… No sure if that is the right help, and I hope they will follow through with a call back. I do not want to have to ring again and be placed on hold from hell. What this space.
    The deal is almost unbelieveable – Good on Panasonic. However with all the techno issues there is for me a mounting cost in time, frustration and energy to claim it.
    Wonder if Panasonic are regretting it too now!

  • Buyer beware?
    Consumer behaviour dictates that you will look at all avaialble offers and choose that which presents the best value for you at the time. In this case the 50\’ Viera Plasma. Early aquiring punters prior to you purchased far inferior plasmas at hughly inflated prices when they first came out. Already you are winning by getting an improved plasma at a lower price than them.
    It hurts when a new deal or price comes out after you have purchased – cognitive dissonnance sets in and disatisfaction. Blame the retailer, the supplier anyone else.
    In reality there is no one to blame.
    When you bought you felt the benfits of the purchase far outweighed the cost. Hold on to that.
    Panasonic has to have a cut off date to launch new offers. If they and other companies did n\’t then we would all be crying foul that you used to be ableto get a Holden V8 for 1,200 pound gov\’nor.
    In close I feel for you, really, but as you say such is life.
    Ps. The hassle to claim the extra bonus is really becoming just that – a hassle

  • Actually it doesn’t help, I did read that prior to posting and as it doesn’t specifically
    mention interest free promos I queried as I know of offers from other companies
    where it was excluded.

    I did call your helpline and was told that instore interest free promotions are
    considered paying in full as the retailer gets there money up front.

  • Hi Daniel,
    Please refer to our customer service who will be able to provide you with the best answer regarding this. You can reach them at 132600.
    Many thanks,
    Team Panasonic

  • After we received a claim code by e mail . Right away we sent via registered post(on 26.10.09) to Panasonic our original receipt from Bing Lee together with a clain print out and a claim code etc everything they required. Then we been asked to paiy 17.50 by credit card. So we did right away. All this happened on Monday 26.10.09 Today is Friday and we do not get any e mail that they received our registered letter with a claim form etc.
    We wonder how many days they need (hopefully not more than 21days) to proces a claim sent via registered lettrer. We will keep you informed how many days they need to validate a claim.
    We sent at same day to Phillips a similar claim form for cash back and we already have everything validated yesterday.

  • Hi Panasonic,
    Sent my original receipt and special number claim form, monday 25th oct after purchasing and registering on 24th oct. On making claim online, message was “wait three days for claim to be processed”. It is now friday 30th and Ive heard nothing. I’ve noticed it’s “wait 10 days” now. If my claim is lost in mail and I wait 10 days for no acklowledgement of receiving my receipt, then how can I rectify problem before 21 days is up? I’ll have to see my salesman for another reciept, then register again, then wait another ten days to find out if I’m successful. This is not easy. Not reassuring. Feels a bit like a con? Employ more staff in mail room, Panasonic, to relieve tension in a reasonable period of time. I’m not a great gambler. Fantastic offer, great products,.. promotion method will die if too many people are burnt…Panasonic’s brand name won’t fair so well either.
    Thanks for listening to my whinging….

  • Hi I’m just wondering could it be possible that these bonus gifts are of less quality than what they usually are because there’s too much involved to get this so called bonus…clearly it’s going to be a successful promotion then why didn’t PANASONIC simply provide the stores with the gifts so the happy customers who have so much faith in PANASONIC can legally and happily collect their gift immediately. Or are these units of poor quality, made specifically for us who don’t know better unless we open these units and check the motherboards and compare the internal unit to one bought straight out of a dept. store??? Yes well this promotion has made me think!!

  • Thank you for your question.
    We can assure you that the bonus products on offer for the promotion are of the same quality.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Anthony, Frank and Laura,
    Thank you for contacting us 🙂
    For the best answer please contact our customer care centre on 132600 and they will be able to assist you.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • the Panasonic plasma Viera is absolutely magnificent!!! The picture is crystal clear.
    I was so close to buying an LED LCD unit until I actually found a shop assistant who turned off a SONY demo tape playing on the plasma set so I could see how it looked playing an ordinary ‘ free-to-air channel. It was everything I wanted.
    1. The price was reasonable
    2. She showed me how it looked receiving an ordinary analogue signal then
    showed me the same show playing in HD digital. Bloody marvellous!
    Other salespersons gave me all kinds of reasons why they couldnt turn the
    sets over from their BlueRay or other demo discs. Everyone knows they always
    look good.
    3. Now I’m looking for where my claim for the BlueRay player and home theatre
    sound bonus package is in the quue.

  • I just bought a plasma HD Tv, but the model number is not on your form. Do I not recieve the bonus. My model number is THP42X10A. Is this model not in the promotion.

  • Just checked with 132600 and got through inside 10 seconds. A very helpful young lady advised that apparently all mail posted with claim forms and receipts is still with the Mail Centre. It will be collected tomorrow and commencement on processing claims and issuing confirming e-mails will commence then. Sounds OK to me ….

  • Hi All especial PanasonicAU, Could not agree more with the ‘burnt early adopters’ like myself and the people who have just missed out on promotions. I got jacked when Panasonic was giving out Wii’s. I did not know how to claim the damn thing and after writing to Teampanasonic, I did not even receive a reply. Sadly, I have bought a bounty of Panasonic gear over the last 4 years, yet have never got a thing for free in any promo. No more early adopting for me and no more recommending the brand to friends. I will wait until a promotion comes along.
    I remember Microsoft came good when they dropped the price of there xbox all those years ago by retrospectively giving the early adopters a whole swags of free controllers and other gizmos as a show a good faith and as a result I bought all of the new Xbox’s that followed.
    Panasonic, have some class and quit being such lousy buggers to your loyal customers. Not very happy and quite disappointed with a company I have bought 3 plasmas, 1 video camera, 3 HDMI cables, 1 STB, 1 PVR and 1 compact camera. This is a serious issue, I feel my loyalty is unappreciated and so do many other customers on this site. Michael

  • Hi Haley,
    Thanks for contacting us.
    The bonus offer is only available when you purchase select FULL HD Plasma TVs. The TH-P42X10A is an HD model.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Just wondering….

    When you submit your claim and get a claim number, does that mean you are then assigned your bonus OR are you only assigned the bonus when the claim form and receipt are processed?

    I’ve noticed the number of blu rays is dropping fairly quick so was wondering if I’d still get one.

  • Why is it whenever i purchase a product that has a free giveaway that it is never for the model that i have purchased. I received my Panasonic Viera from a Chrisco order yesterday and surprise surprise the P42x10A is not one of the models included in the promotion.

  • Hi,
    Just got my Plasma delivered yesterday and have tried to claim the bonus gift but keep getting a Server Error. Has the website crashed?

  • Surley you have been more than happy with the value & performance of your Panasonic purchases to date?. Unfortunatly missing out on a freebie is the luck of the draw & should not deter you from reccomending the brand to friends.
    Infact I also missed out, but love my TH-P46S10A & have been telling everyone what a top company Pana is & what a great offer. You should by a new set, sell the freebie & walkaway with a 42 1080p tv for $799!

  • Hi ,I have been told that my claim i sent in was still at the post office waiting to be collected from someone at Panasonic, phoned Panasonic they say nothing to worry about,also my invoice had the incorrect date on,which i have notified Panasonic about this to a guy called Andrew who said he would put it on the system ,but when i phoned to enquire on my claim status they could not see any any thing there, so frustrated ,whats going on,do i resend my now corrected invoice again ,nobody says to do that

  • Where do you draw the line? All the other major suppliers were doing ” deals ” and Panasonic were late into the market with their offer, but I believe that have trumped the other brands with their offer. I am a salesperson and find customers are quick to complain, but slow to make their minds up. If you tell tell customers that this is a limited offer, they think it’s a sales pitch. I have had customers who have held back buying, thinking that the supplier is going to to up the ante after that promotion has finished, only to find that the offer is “over ” and there is no new promotion. Then they winge about missing out. I feel sorry for people who do miss out on price decreases etc etc ….I have missed out myself, but that’s life

  • hi, got an email ,saying my claim is invalid, i spoke to a guy Andrew, and told him that Clive peeters incorrectly dated the invoice and i have received a new one with the correct date ,Andrew said he was going to make a note on the system, i did ask if he would need the new invoice he told me no , so whats going on

  • I have spoken to young lady Samantha who i sent an email of my invoice with the correct details and a short explanation on what had happened regarding Clive peeters incorrectly dating the invoice also speaking to Andrew from panasonic last week explaining it to him as-well, he had said nothing to me regarding me sending in the right invoice at the time and had put it down on the system,hope i do get it as i have just disposed of my old panasonic system which i had for many years
    regards shantilal

  • Hi,
    When I purchased my TV, it was basically a backorder. I had asked for my invoice number so I could fill in the claim. I’ve since I have now completed and sent in the receipt etc. I just noticed however that the final invoice I sent in had a different invoice number to the original one that I’d been given (and entered online). Can you advise how I can get this corrected?

  • I got some news for you guys! I waited about 10 days before I heard any feedback about the details I sent in (must be alot of mail for the panasonic crew)! Don’t worry guys I got my application approved (on the website it says my status is “validated”) & that means I going to receive my HD DVD recorder YAY!!! Guys if you haven’t ordered yet or have been waiting BE PATIENT Panasonic wont forget you guys. If you want to know a secret, out of all the bonus gifts dont be suckers & go for the Blu-ray home theatre pack…the DVD recorder is actually valued higher on the market. You can pick up the same blu-ray pack from around $500…compared to the $750 for the DVD recorder, thats why I made my choice. Forget the Lumix you can pick that up for $300 or less. Good Luck 🙂

  • Dear Michael, David and Vijay.
    Thank you for getting in touch with us.
    Our Customer Service team will be able to help you and it is best to contact them on 132600.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I was ecstatic to win the Lumix ‘1 in 5 wins’ Blu-Ray DVD Recorder. I bought some Blu-Ray movies in anticipation. Then when it arrived it was not a Blu-Ray at all. I have tried to make contact with Panasonic but no reply! So what is the reason for this switch in prize?

  • It seems to be that no one is happy anymore and expect something for free, so what panasonic were later than other companies than giving bonuses, if you wanted a bonus at the time then buy another brand or wait a few weeks and see if another promotion comes up. this is what i did as i didnt want the bonus tv with samsung and i got the hd bonus. I have had panasonic brand in my house for 10 years and to date can not complain, even my old panasonic surround sound system that is 10 years old is still going, just got demoted to the garage so thank you panasonic for providing me with quality products and friendly customer service

  • Can’t get my call to the support team through, so I decided to post my question here. I began my claiming process as a back order, after having paid for my tv in full, and then received the product 7 days later. So does the deadline for being eligible expire 21 days after the origional purchase date, or after the tv was delivered?


  • Hi Clyde,
    We appreciate you contacting us through our blog but for your particular issue the people in the best position to help are our customer care centre on 132600.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • The home theatre bonus ran out on 27 Nov. Found out after the purchase of a plasma today, only to be dissappointed when I tried to redeem. The salesman assured me there were still plenty of units available. The Plasma is going back to the store tomorrow. I’ll be purchasing a Samsung Series 8.

  • Are panasonic going to increase anymore bonus HD Home theatre products. We bought our TV yesterday and the sales assistant didnt even tell us that panasonic did not have anymore bonus home theatre packages. So dissappointed as the only reason bought the TV was for the theatre package as its a great deal.

  • Same problem as many others. Applied on line, paid the $17.50 and posted off the letter (not registered mail). 2 days before the 21 days is up Panasonic inform me that they don’t have the letter! I emailed twice and got redirected back to log in and read the the same damned message that still says my letter has not been received! I rang and did the 30 minute wait and was told that they can’t keep up and they are now reading post mark dates to validate receipts and that I should wait. A soothing voice dispensing advice that “we probably have your receipt” and that it “Should be OK” is totally inadequate as well as unprofessional. I have now begun inquiries with Consumer Affairs regarding false advertising and selling under false pretenses. It looks like Panasonic are either grossly under staffed or they might be conveniently losing mail to reduce the claims. Either way, I’m going to be prepared to “wave a big stick” legally if required. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else in this situation.

  • Hi Troy,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    We have been thrilled by the response to our promotion and appreciate your concern but we will not be supplementing the HD Bonus promotion with additional Home Theatre Systems once all have been claimed.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • vincent

    same thing happened to me. I was told on Sunday at the point of sale that I could choose one of the three bonus items. Bought 2 Plasmas … Got home, tried to claim and “surprise – surprise”, gifts no longer available. I know now that the bonus items had been unavailable since the Friday, had there been adequate disclosure at the point of sale and if Panasonic had communicated this information to the point of sale retailers then I would not have purhcased. I too am returning my plasmas.

  • I purchased 2 of your plasmas on the weekend based on advice regarding the bonus items at the point of sale. Can I suggest you stop promoting the bonus items as it is misrepresenting the marketplace. You are no longer offering from 3 bonus items as there is only 1 bonus item still available. Can I also suggest you communicate this information to participating retailers so as not to continue to mislead the consumer.

  • I\’m worried about missing out on the bonus even though I have done everything by the rules. On Monday 23/11 I purchased a TV and posted the claim by registered post that night. Although the 10 days arent up yet and the Panasonic site says my claim is complete I still dont know if I will get the HDD recorder given they ran out a few days ago. Is it safe to assume that as long as I have registred on the web that I have qualified, assuming the receipt etc is received by Panasonic?

  • Wow – what a powerful blog this is! within an hour of posting I checked the panasonic site and got confirmation that my documentation was received and claim was validated. Thank you to the blog gods. (wish they would make these security numbers clearer!)

  • Hello Robert,
    The registration process is only complete and gift secured if the fulfillment and handling is paid in full.
    Please check on the promotion dashboard for your claim status using your login details. If you have any further questions please contact 132600.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi

    I have put in my claimfor HD Bonus offer prize which is the Blu ray home theatre system and I have changed my mind and would prefer the HDD instead. I undrestand I can’t change item once the claim has been lodged so if any anyone out there was wanting to do a swap please let me know.



  • Got my validation letter today. Thanks panasonic for this promotion and for your swift response to my query. You can count on me for future products and promotions 🙂

  • Be careful if you want to claim the bonus – the store did not advise of the 21 day limit – a poor promotion for Panasonic in our case

  • Bought my Viera Plasma at the beginning of November. Made my claim for a Blu-Ray Home Theatre system. I have secured the gift and the item is showing as being completed on the Panasonic website. However, the item was bulk lodged on 18th November in Sydney and no additional infomation is showing for my parcel.
    Have chased it up with Panasonic and Austalia Post. Panasonic have to take 48 hours to investigate. Australia Post wanted to take 7 days. You end up feeling like you have done something wrong. Another one should have been dispatched immediately if the item is missing, via a courier or somebody more reliable than Australia Post. This really leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Panasonic should be doing more to satisfy their customers. Where is their Christmas Spirit?

  • I am devastated because I bought a Panasonic HD Plasma TV with the understanding that I would be able to get a Blu-ray home theatre pack with it and now I have found out that all I can get is a camera. I don’t need a camera.

    Is there anything I can do?

  • Hello,
    I would like to know how I find out if I made deadline for getting one of the bonus objects? I would also like to know how much longer I need to wait for it? Where do I find out this information?

  • Hi, we recently purchased a Panasonic Viera 46″TV and the main reason we did was because we would receive a Bonus gift. So on trying to claim our gift on the 2nd 12th 2009 we found that their were only cameras left. What a let down this was.We already have a digital camera and also we have a Panasonic DVD Recorder, so our preferred option was a Home Theatre System which are all gone.
    Great promotion, why aren’t Panasonic getting up to date imformation to the retailers on their promotions so they can advise customers of the REAL deal they are offering, so loyal customers are not let down by these promotions.
    We DO not want another camera.

  • Since posting the fact that I was in contact with Consumer affairs, I received a phone call the very next day from Panasonic to inform me that they had found my receipt and that I had caused the delay myself because I had omitted to attach the required print out to identify who sent it. Given that I’ve done clerical/admin work with the Government most of my working life, there is no way I’d make that mistake. You can draw your own conclusions.
    I’ve passed on my concerns carefully stating the facts chronologically and without bias to Consumer Affairs who are equally concerned at the amount of apparent irregularities and misunderstandings associated with the entire process. Unfortunately due to Panasonic accepting my claim I no longer have a case for Consumer Affairs to pursue. Consumer Affairs are very helpful and can give very good and rational advice to anyone in need of guidance. I hope this helps.

  • Am hoping that Michael (Supervisor) at the Panasonic Call Centre secures me my blu-ray home theatre system by tomorrow from his superiors. Consumer Affairs have advised me of my rights and are of the opinion that the order should have been fulfilled by now. Hope I do not need to pursue that path.

  • Some people are hard to please.
    When I bought my Panasonic Plasma I read the posters in the store carefully (rather than the salesperson) and sent a txt to confirm there were gifts available.

    I had already decided on a Panasonic Plasma, the bonus just made me purchase it a lot earlier. If the amount on bonus gifts was only a hundred or so I think I would have stuck to my original plan (ie: otherwise knowing my luck, I’d miss out!).

  • Just wondering how Panasonic are progressing with the delivery of Bonus items. How’s your 8 week target looking? What’s the average waiting period so far? Have any been delivered yet?

  • Hi
    I have had my bonus gift validated and been advised that it will be delivered within 8 weeks , Panasonic say that I can track it via Australia Post by enering a tracking number , but where do I find the relevent tracking number ?

  • in regards to promo hd gifts…. is anyone intrseted in swapping gifts. i received the hd recorder and was wondering if anyone would like to swap for the blu-ray gift?

  • Hi Greg,
    We’d be happy to contact you to provide you with the information you need to track your bonus gift. A representative will send you an email regarding the matter.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hi Folks,
    Well for all of you who are wondering how the deliveries are going, I got mine on Tuesday. Thank you Panasonic however, I still believe it would have been cheaper and easier to have distributed the bonus via the the vendor stores using the distribution network already in place.

  • James, dont know about the retail value of the other gifts, but i work in a camera store (a real camera store, not an all encompasing electrical store), when the FT1 Lumix came out it was in the order of $700, now it retails for $449. It has never been $300. & we are talking camera only, no case & fast card package like is being given away. only palce you may get it for $300 is online store which will be shipped from who-knows-where, no warranty & possible not even the same product.

  • Oh Well… I bought my VIERA back in November filled out my details sent in my forms and never received my Blu-Ray player and surround sound…. Nope not a thing… Yay thanks Panasonic, I allowed extra time due to the recent postal strike. Guess I was silly for doing that now, my 21 days are up and no gift for me…..I don’t even no if you received my info…….. There were 6000 players left when initially registered. So disappointed.

  • I still havent received a response saying my original receipt etc has been received it was sent on the 17th of december via regestered post as suggested Has anyone else had these difficulties?

  • Hi Panasonic, can you please tell me when I will get the bonus Blue Ray player and sound system. Purchased the TV on 17th Nov and still waiting.
    Thanks Kevin Eyre Mandurah WA

  • Yes I agree the distribution needs to be looked at. Let’s get the show on the road because this is not good pr for Panasonic quite frankly to be waiting so long for product that should be off the shelf like the tv’s were.

  • we are now heading into the second week of January and I still have not been able to receive any confirmation of a deliverydate for my bonus gift that may I remind you, I have already paid for postage and handling. I have received an email that gives me a date of the 22 January, but no one cam confirm it. I am awaiting on a return call from Consumer affairs as well because I am really starting to think that this is a scam as those others that I have contacted who also claimed bonuses are yet to receive theirs as well……..

  • Hello Kevin and James,
    Have you received your bonus gifts?
    You both should have received a notice that your claim has been received and validated. Following this an email will be sent notifying yourselves of the Australia Post eParcel tracking number once your bonus HD gift has been dispatched.
    Please let us know if you have not received notice.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I bought a THP50G15A on 20.12, sent my receipt in after logging online and now have receied an email telling me my claim is invalid?? WTF??? And the email arrives at night so I can’t even ring. The first tv out of the box had to be picked up the next day and swapped as it was faulty and now this. I copied the receipt and it has balance owing 0.00 on the very detailed receipt I sent them so what is the problem…oh yes I will have to call them or wait for the letter back from them. Not impressed-of course I was too late for any other bonus and already have a wii so went for the camera no one wanted and now this….NOT IMPRESSED PANASONIC…can’t you read a receipt?

  • I received an e-mail stating my ‘gift’ would be despatched by 15 Jan. I’ve not received any subsequent e-mails notifying me of an aus post tracking no or anything along those lines. I also see most of the major retailers are offering the DVD recorder at discount on promotion at the moment. Maybe I should save panasonic the hassles in delivery- you can keep my $17.50 delivery, I’m going to buy one off the shelf and send you the bill. Starting a facebook profile to encourage others to do the same. Great PR for panasonic!

  • I was one of the lucky one that got in before you ran out of dvd’s but i still haven’t received mine, even thought you sent me an email saying that there will be a delay and the next date would be the 15th of January 10 . Can you tell me when you expect that they will be deliver to houses please. Thanks Trisha

  • Hello,
    We apologize for the problems you are having.
    I have sent you an email requesting the best way for us to contact you directly to resolve this matter.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • Hello James,
    Thank you for contacting us. I’ll have a representative contact you asap to help you resolve this matter.
    All the best,
    Team Panasonic

  • I have not received an email nor have I received a reply to emails sent to the address I received the notification from. Yesterday I phoned as the mythical letter has not arrived after almost 2 weeks of waiting…to be told it was sent on the 21st January. Still no letter … won’t hold my breath on the camera. At least my second television is working.

  • Panasonoic are very slow on dispatching the bonus gifts . I phoned the helpline this morning and even though the stock of the HD recorders were received at Panasonic on the 15th of January , I am now told it will be another 7 to 10 days before theys send it to me . Given that I originally lodged the claim in November , the gloss is now starting to where off . Would have been great if I received the recoredr at ths same time as when I purchased the TV

  • Got a letter in mid-December, confirming that my claim was validated. Bonus gift was scheduled to arrive by 22 January. Nothing has happened yet, didn’t even get an email with the tracking number for the bonus gift. I know that having no word from panasonic might point at the fact that there isn’t any information available, but since the estimated date passed, some form of communication would have been worthwhile.

    I sent panasonic an email regarding this matter, and received no reply in return.

  • I have the same complaint as others. I bought 42G10 on 27th Nov and received an email stating my claim has been received and validated and I’ll receive my bonus gift by 29th jan 10. That was the last correspondence I received form Panasonic. I am getting frustrated now. Its 29th jan and no gift yet.

  • I assume the 8 week delay in distributing gifts was based on the number of tv’s bought / gifts available. If the 8 weeks is going to blow out I think Panasonic should put a note on the website, blog or email what expected delayed delivery dates are for each gift.

    I was advised that my claim was validated on the 10/12/09 and that delivery would be in 8 weeks, meaning 04/02/10, which we are now past. I haven’t heard anything since ie. an Aust Post parcel number

    It might be less frustrating to receive some regular feedback. ie. what the current delay is


  • If it’s sealed and unopened and you are in Melb I just received my Blue Ray Pack so let me know…John

  • Don’t hold your breath Ray. Panasonic have very little concern for your bonus gift and will see any contact you make as an excuse to tell you incorrect information. I evenhtally received mine after making upwards of 10 different contacts – in my own time and during work time. Panasonic will tell you what they want you to know, some of them will even laugh at you when you ring ( beieve me, it happened on one of my calls ).

    Anyone who wishes to get the full run down feel free to contact me. I believe Panasonic is liable for compensation to those customers that have been given incorrect and misleading information.

  • I have received my camera but be careful everyone-it was wrapped in a lot of tape and black plastic and I have to cut it to get in to the box. Put this plastic in the rubbish and then a couple of days later it occured to me I did not receive the receipt back inside the packaging. Too late to retrieve it from the outside bin-rang the Panasonic HD phoneline and I was asked if I checked in the pckagin. It did not seem obvious to me that it was in the black plastic packaging and packing tape. I was advised to call where I bought it and get a receipt sent out to me. After sending the receipt twice and getting 2 tv’s before the second one worked…none too pleased I now have no receipt. The guy on the phone said he would call them and get a receipt sent to me. Fingers crossed it comes in the mail. So check your packaging for your receipt-still don’t know where it would have been as it looked like rubbish to me.