Australia’s favourite air conditioner for a very good reason

Panasonic-Air-conditioner-awardsAustralian consumers value Panasonic air conditioners so highly that last year they voted us right to the top of two of the biggest awards in town. Our conditioning range was honoured with the prestigious Product of the Year award, and then we topped the industry again winning the Canstar Blue “Most Satisfied Customers” award in the air conditioning category.

So what is it that sets our air conditioners apart from the competition? In addition to a stylish design and reliable operation, the combination of energy saving ECONAVI sensors and the clever nanoe-G air purifier is what makes Panasonic a clear winner in the consumer opinion stakes.

ECONAVI sensors offer premium energy efficiency

Our consumers tell us they want to make energy savings in the home, so the entire range of Panasonic Air-Conditioners with ECONAVI technology are designed to help them do this. This smart technology senses when there are people in the room, how much activity is taking place and even the ambient conditions, and then automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly so less energy is used. Energy saving is as simple as the push of a button!


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nanoe-G purifies down to the tiniest detail

Consumers also love the advantage of having an air conditioner and air purifier in one unit. Our nanoe-G feature is an active air purifying system that not only deactivates unwanted airborne particles, but now also surface based particles. nanoe-G air purifying removes 99% of airborne bacteria, viruses and mould as well as deactivating 99% of viruses and 99% of bacteria on surfaces for a cleaner, healthier home – it even works when the air con is off.


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Watch the video “Panasonic Air Conditioning | nanoe-G Air Purifying System”.

Put simply, Panasonic air conditioners are designed for maximum comfort and minimum energy use. No wonder consumers consistently rate our brand as Australia’s favourite air conditioner.

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