Your messy kid could win you a washing machine

Kids have a way of getting very messy very easily whatever they end up doing. Playing in the yard can see them covered in mud; dinnertime might end with a face (and floor!) full of spaghetti; a day at school can mean grass stains or paint. Of course it’s all part of being a kid but it can be frustrating when you’re the one who has to do the cleaning.

Now Panasonic is giving you the perfect reason to embrace your kid’s messiness. The next time your little rascal is in a messy state, don’t despair – grab your camera instead and capture the moment. Your photo could win you a 10kg front loading Panasonic ECONAVI washing machine in our Australia’s Messiest Kid competition.

Four ECONAVI washing machines, valued at $1,499 RRP, are up for grabs and if you’re lucky enough to win you’ll find removing stains from your messy kid’s clothes a breeze with the built in Stain Master option.

The promotion runs from 2nd October, 2012 to 31st October, 2012 with 4 opportunities to win. In weeks 1, 2 and 3, the photo with the most votes will win a 10kg Panasonic ECONAVI washing machine. In week 4 a selection of judges will choose the best photo.

To enter, head to our Facebook page, upload your photo and write a caption telling us why your kid is Australia’s messiest and why you need a Panasonic ECONAVI washing machine.

Good luck!

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