Win a 4-in-1 Combination Microwave Oven this Christmas!

Versatility is the key to unlocking a world of culinary possibilities. The Panasonic DS59NB 4-in-1 Combination Steam Microwave Oven seamlessly blends four essential cooking functions – steam, bake, grill, and microwave to make cooking for your family and friends a joy these holidays.

Steam: Elevate Health and Flavour
Say goodbye to the days of compromising taste for health. The DS59NB leverages the power of steam to cook dishes that retain their natural flavours, nutrients, and moisture. Steam your way to perfectly cooked vegetables, succulent proteins, and delicious dumplings with ease.

Bake: Powerful 220°C Max. Temp
Unleash your inner pastry chef with the baking function. From golden-brown bread to flaky pastries, the NN-DS59N evenly distributes heat for precise and consistent results. Now, you can achieve bakery-quality delights in the comfort of your kitchen.

Combination Cooking
Experience convenience without compromise thanks to the microwave’s combination cooking modes. Combine the speed of microwave power with grilling or steaming to cook dishes up to 40% faster without compromising on flavour, texture or presentation.

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