Weekly Meal Preparation Made Easy with Prime Fresh+

Planning healthy meals for the week becomes easy with Panasonic’s Prime Fresh+ compartment. It ‘soft freezes’ protein such as beef, chicken, pork, lamb or fish to deliver fresher ingredients while saving you time in the kitchen.

The Prime Fresh+ drawer in our refrigerators help maintain the freshness and nutrients in your food for longer. Soft freezing preserves the cell structure of your ingredients, ensuring they retain the maximum amount of natural flavour without compromising texture.

Soft freezing occurs at -3°C, when conditions are cold enough to freeze just the outer layer of your meat, but not so cold that it will completely freeze it through to the core.

Ever wanted to whip up something quick and easy but had to waste 30 minutes trying to gently defrost a chicken breast? Our Prime Fresh compartment also eliminates the need to defrost, meaning you can cut meat and throw it on the pan or in the oven straight from the fridge! Gone are the days of trying to hack through a chunk of meat that has been frozen solid or defrosting a piece of meat, cutting off the portion required, then re-freezing it.

Prime Fresh soft freezing technology also works on stocks, soups and sauces. Turn your liquids into a semi-frozen texture that is easy to scoop and quick to reheat. The ability to portion out the exact amount you need rather than try to slice a rock-hard slab of ice means less wastage too!

Both of our latest French Door models – the black CY55CGKAU and silver CY55CPSAU – feature this amazing Prime Fresh+ compartment! Check out our full range of refrigerators today!