The sensational Lumix GM1 hits the blogosphere

Lumix GM1 High Tea

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We know that the Lumix GM1 is a marvellous combination of style and substance packed into a tiny little camera, so this week we took it to the Baronia Tea House to share the photographic love with a select group of top fashion and mummy bloggers.

It may seem like an eclectic audience but the GM1 is actually perfect for both fashionistas and style-conscious mums, who want high-res images but need an ultra-portable camera that isn’t going to be a hassle to carry in their busy lives.

Over high tea, Scott Mellish, Business Manager – G Series, Panasonic Australia, took the bloggers through some of the camera’s top features and how to use them (spoiler alert: it’s a G Series, so it’s designed to make an amateur look like a pro), before letting them loose with a camera of their own, a #LumixGM1 hashtag and a Wi-Fi connection to upload their results.

The results are so fabulous that we decided to have Scott Mellish give us the Lumix GM1 High Tea low-down…

The Audience

“We think the GM1 is perfectly suited to these bloggers. The mummy bloggers loved the GM1’s small and convenient size, while still offering superb image quality. For the fashion bloggers, they loved its classic styling, touchscreen control and in-camera filters that allowed them to get the looks they love,” Scott said.

“Many commented that they loved being able to get an SLR quality image out of a super small camera, while still being able to quickly share it and integrate into their social channels using Wi-Fi.”

The Connection

“Wi-Fi is certainly a desirable feature of the GM1. Although Wi-Fi in a camera can seem daunting to some, it really is simple to use. iOS and Android users just need to download the app to their smartphone or tablet. All the attendees were sharing their great GM1 shots across their Facebook and Instagram channels very quickly after getting their hands on the camera,” Scott said.

The Demo

“We gave them a brief tour of the camera, showing them things like the new very compact and collapsible lens, plus they loved the wide-angle perspective that the 12-32mm offers, something normally not seen on a kit lens. We also showed them the how the touchscreen enables you to easily select your focus point, and even lets you fire the shutter. Then we demonstrated scene modes which are great for anyone who doesn’t know the technicalities of photography like aperture and shutter speed; all you need to do is browse through the sample images that the GM1 displays and choose the photo that’s most like the scene you’re shooting and the GM1 will choose the best settings for that scene,” Scott said.

The Response

“The bloggers really loved the silent mode. Some of the mummy bloggers take shots at school concerts and loved that they could shoot completely silently, while the fashion bloggers do some street photography and thought that the silent mode would enable them to capture more spontaneous and natural shots with this feature,” Scott said.

“Another big hit for the fashion crowd was the tethering feature from Wi-Fi. It was great that they could be at a fashion event, be shooting away on the GM1, and have the shots automatically  transfer to their smart phone as they shoot, ready for quick sharing to their blog and social channels.”


Photo gallery of the Lumix GM1 High Tea.

The ultra-compact Lumix GM1 set to hit our shores in December.

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