Quad Door Fridge Review & Keep

Transform the heart of your home this Christmas with a brand-new Panasonic PRIME+ Quad Door Refrigerator in your kitchen. Redefining how Australians entertain their friends and family, the quad-door fridge is a game-changer for those who love to host unforgettable summer BBQs and Christmas gatherings.

Its impressive 618 litre capacity is paired with a versatile interior storage system that allows households to customise their Refrigerator to suit their lifestyle.

The Refrigerator features not one, but two separate Prime Fresh compartments. The ability to store foods of different types separately is combined with the functionality to vary the temperature of each compartment between -5°C to 4°C. This is ideal for busy lifestyles or entertaining. In one drawer, drinks and desserts can be stored at the perfect temperature ready to serve, while in the other drawer, meat and seafood can be soft frozen to retain freshness and last longer.

Its Fresh Safe fruit and vegetable drawer in the middle section automatically maintains the ideal humidity to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and succulent for longer.

In the freezer section, the Prime Freeze drawer freezes five times faster than a standard freezer – designed for food prepping while retaining flavour and nutrients.
Utilise the ‘Quick Chill’ feature to cool drinks in just 15 minutes, perfect for when unexpected guests drop by.

The freezer also features an automatic ice box which can hold up to 510 ice cubes, with a divider should you need the additional space for other frozen items.

People can also enjoy a glass of cool, crisp water from the water dispenser without ever opening the door.

PRIME+ Edition Quad Door models are supported by Panasonic’s SmartApp+, providing the convenience to control the Refrigerator with a simple tap of their smartphone. Whether changing the temperature of the Prime Fresh drawers in preparation for the next item, or selecting quick ice making for some unexpected guests, the SmartApp+ offers the busy modern family an unparalleled level of convenience.

Fitted with moveable trays, door pockets and a wine rack, the PRIME+ Edition Quad Door models go one step further in improving usability for every household. Three separate trays with two different height levels to match food and beverage sizes means its internal layout can be fine-tuned for any occasion.

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