New Releases for Technics

New Release Technics SU-R1000
Technics is starting strong in 2023 with four new products across the Hi-Fi range that are sure to delight audiophiles all over Australia.

The expansion of the Technics range offers greater choice for music lovers, with these new products catering to both vinyl and digital audio connoisseurs.

SU-R1000 Reference Class Amplifier

The new SU-R1000 is the first Reference Class integrated amplifier from Technics. The Reference Class products are developed in pursuit of Technics’ insatiable desire to deliver ultimate sound quality to customers, and they offer the premium musical experience that the brand is known for.

Armed with the achievements and evaluations accumulated in the Hi-Fi market since the rebirth of Technics in 2014 and backed by the results of R&D aimed at improving sound quality by focusing on digital technology, Technics launched the SU-R1000 integrated amplifier, further evolving digital amps to new heights.

Being a Digital amplifier, the SU-R1000 has high-accuracy signal processing not possible with analogue systems. Given that today’s mainstream music sources are digital, such as CD and streaming platforms, digital signals should ideally be processed in the original digital format. Furthermore, devices such as AD converters are also advancing, allowing high-precision digital signal processing of analogue music sources.

The Technics SU-R1000 Reference Class Integrated Amplifier is now available on customer order only from Technics audio specialist retailers. Click here to learn more.

SU-GX70 Streaming Amplifier

The new SU-GX70 streaming amplifier marks a new chapter for the Technics brand, being the first Technics product to host an HDMI ARC port since the brand was revitalised.

There was strong customer demand for high-quality amplifiers allowing easy integration of a TV into the home hi-fi system for superior sound.  Consequently, this new amplifier realises very high sound quality at the HDMI ARC connection, drawing on parent company Panasonic’s comprehensive expertise in video signal treatment. This realises the full potential of noise-free and distortion-free sound, generated by Technics’ proprietary full-digital amplification technology based on the JENO engine.

The SU-GX70 is based on the Google Chromecast platform, allowing consumers to connect to streaming services such as Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Qobuz and Amazon Music, plus internet radio, FM and DAB+ support.

It also supports MQA and Wi-Fi, Airplay2 and Bluetooth for compatibility with smartphones and other devices, while two line inputs and three digital inputs, as well as USB-A and B, allow connectivity to a wide range of source components.

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Matte white SL-1500C Premium Class Turntable

Delivered in a new matte white finish, in addition to the standard Silver and Black finishes, the SL-1500C-W launch follows the release of other Technics limited edition turntables. These products have been in high demand from enthusiasts seeking to enhance their hi-fi collection with stylish colour alternatives to match contemporary interiors.

With its minimalistic look, the new SL-1500C bears justice to the excellent reputation of Technics as a manufacturer of premium audio turntables.

The Technics SL-1500C Matte White Premium Class Turntable will be available from Technics audio specialist retailers in May.

Sleek Black SA-C600 Premium Class Network CD Receiver

The SA-C600 has been released in a new sleek black finish giving users an alternative option over the existing stylish silver when it comes to matching their audio equipment with the aesthetics of their listening spaces. The SA-C600 is a high-end stereo receiver delivering superior sound quality and versatility. It supports a wide range of audio formats, including CD and high-resolution digital files, ensuring that you can enjoy your music in its purest form.

This unit is built with advanced technology and high-quality components, making it an excellent choice for audiophiles and music lovers who demand the best performance from their audio equipment.

The sleek black Technics SA-C600 Premium Class Network Receiver will be available from Technics audio specialist retailers in May. Click here to learn more.