Minimise Food Waste with a Panasonic PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator

Review & Keep a Panasonic PRIME+ Fridge

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The Panasonic PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator range is packed with convenient features to minimise food waste, while maximising flavour and nutrient retention.

The Prime Freeze compartment is revolutionary for keeping your food fresher for longer. With the power to freeze food up to 5 times faster* than a standard freezer, it is perfect for locking in flavour, nutrients and texture. Its Quick Cool mode is great for supercharging the marination of your favourite meats or rapidly cooling your beer, wine or soft drinks in only 15 minutes – handy for when unexpected guests drop by.

Our Fresh Safe vegetable drawer is designed to ensure you get the most out of your fresh fruit and vegetables. Optimised to automatically create the perfect balance of humidity and temperature, it ensures your produce can stay fresh and succulent for longer to minimise spoilage. The drawer also features an anti-fungal filter that works to keep the cavity in the approximate 90% humidity range ensuring your ingredients are happy.

The innovative Prime Fresh drawer is an asset for modern families and busy households. It ‘soft freezes’ your meat and seafood to lock in freshness, flavour, and nutrients without affecting texture. Its adjustable -5°C to 4°C temperature control provides great versatility – ideal for everything from deli goods and drinks, to bulk cooked meals. It also eliminates the need to defrost before cooking, avoiding the often messy, always inconvenient process of thawing ingredients hours before you can even turn on the stove.

The nanoe™ X technology built into the PRIME+ Edition fridge range inhibits up to 99.99% of bacteria and deodorises the fridge interior for safer and cleaner storage. Trillions of OH radicals are dispersed to every corner of the refrigerator to keep food safe, prevent odours of strong-smelling foods from transferring to other items, and ensure the inside of the refrigerator remains clean.

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*Data prepared by Panasonic